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Mumbai, Shiv Sena and Mir Jafar

The Shiv Sena Party are the 'fascist' Hindu Party that runs Bombay. The Shiv Sena has a suicide squadron, named the "Balidani Jatha". Shiv Sena are allied to the 'fascist' Hindu BJP or Bharatiya Janata Party.

Mostaque Ali , on 4 December 2008, writes:

Worse than Mir Jafar, worse than the Pakistani military.

Among the points made:

1. The Shiv Sena Mumbai authorities said the "Terrorists" were targeting Westerners, hoping to kill 5,000 of them.

Why then kill 140 Indians, the vast majority of the victims, including 44 Muslims?

Then the Shiv Sena Mumbai authorities said that the "Terrorist" were targeting Israelis specifically, revenge for the Israeli treatment of Palestinians.Why in Shiv Sena run Mumbai?

Why then kill 140 Indians, the vast majority of victims, including 44 Muslims?

Then the Shiv Sena Mumbai authorities said the "Terrorists" were taking revenge for the poor treatment and killing of Kashmiris by Indian security forces.

Why then Kill 44 Muslims as well? 25% of the victims.

2. The Shiv Sena Mumbai authorities said there were 10 "Terrorists" operating at 13 different locations, according to the Maharashtra state minister, all at the same period in the city within a 3 hour period, starting at 9:30 -12:30

This was an operation involving maybe 30 terrorists from Israel, Germany and the RSS

(The RSS are Hindu nationalists).

Backed by other civilian handlers, C & C, transport, logistics, safe houses, escape routes, and back up teams - 100's of others. Planning for months on end.

The Shiv Sena had to have known about it, and OK'ed it, because without their cooperation it simply could not have been undertaken, and performed for the world for 60 hours, at 2 5 star hotels and other public places.

Mumbai photo from: mangalorean.com/news.php?newstype=broadcast...

3. Terrorist numbers, the time and location don't add up.

Some reports say the 10 "Terrorists" came ashore and split up into groups of 2 on the 26th of November.

Other reports say that some of the group came 15 days earlier from the 26th, contrary to what is explained by the authorities and ALL checked into Nariman House, where, confirmed by local shop keepers, they bought 100 kilograms of meat, and alcohol, stockpiling it in Nariman house.

Why would an Orthodox Jewish place meant for Jews only, welcome, and house young Muslim males, without asking questions first. "Oh look what are you going to do witth all that alcohol; having a party Abdul?"

If there were 6 terrorists at Nariman house as reported by the terrorists themselves to the authorities from the beginning, 3/4 at the Taj, that's 2 locations out of 13 locations attacked, and accounted for. The question is then, can the 1 remaining terrorist out of 10 be in 11 different places at the same time, carrying out the other attacks, if you believe there were only 10 terrorists who came ashore on the 26th?

Once you start shooting, you are fixed to your location.

Indian Nanny from www.huffingtonpost.com/nanny-moves...

4. The Indian nanny, who reportedly rescued the 2 year old Jewish child, is now in Israel, given permanent residency immediately, as a government priority by Israel, and is unavailable for questioning by Indian authorities? Is this true? Maybe she saw that it was Israelis fighting the Indian commando's.

All Jewish casualties bodies are flown to Israel immediately, and no further detailed autopsy can be done on them by Indian authorities, except that none of the 6 had any torture marks as confirmed by Indian doctors, at the latest report.

In the year 2000, 11 Israeli passport holders, pretending to be Muslim religious figures (Tabliqi) were detained by Indian authorities for questionable activity, and then under pressure from Israel, quickly repatriated to Israel. More of Israel's fake al-Qaeda.

Reports consistently stated that only 2 hostages were left in Nariman house when the Indian commandos attacked, so who are the other 4 dead Jews.

How did they die if the place had been cleared of all hostages bar the two owners?

Many jews live in India.

Are the 6 dead Israelis the ones that actually fought Indian security forces, along with others?

Some Indian commandos who raided Nariman house clearly saw that they were fighting whites.

Account from the Guardian newspaper:

"One police officer who encountered the gunmen as they entered the Jewish centre told the Guardian the attackers were 'white'

"...'I went into the building late last night,' he said. 'I got a shock because they were white. I was expecting them to look like us. They fired three shots. I fired 10 back.'"

Some say 9 people died at Nariman house? whilst according to reports 6 Jews died. So 9 minus 6 leaves 3. Who are the other 3?

The "Terrorist" claimed there were 6 of them in Nariman house, as reported by the Commando Units, so if there are 9 dead at Nariman house where are the other 3 terrorists, out of a total 6 reported at one stage.

Scores of severely mutilated bodies of 'Terrorists' are produced by the Siv Sena Mumbai authorities, so Joe public can't tell if they are foreign nationals or locals, or whatever. No clear identification.


5. How could they come from 500 miles away, so heavily burdened, come ashore in rubber dinghies, at a heavily protected port area, undetected or challenged by Port Security, Customs, bystanders, and local Police; get into Taxis and find and kill Mr Hemant Karkare as one of their first targets in the first hour or two of the operation?......maybe they were lucky.

Mrs Karkare has refused to accept the compensation for his death offered by the Indian Government.

6. Most terrorists linked to Kashmir don't speak English.

They tend to be of poor and uneducated.

But our captured 'Terrorist' speaks good English?

Feels ashamed to speak Marathi does he? Or Urdu? Or Hindi? Or Mallu? Oh no, he has to speak English first......for the benefit of whom?

Let him drop his pants, and lets see his "DANDA".

Let him recite the KORAN from memory, and all the Sura.

Let him speak in his native tongue for a very very good while, NOT English, in conversation with another native speaker from his locality. .

7. The captured terrorist 'Kasab' was photographed by security cameras wearing a saffron wristband, identifying him as a Hindu. No Muslim, let alone a fervently Muslim ‘terrorist’ would ever wear that Hindu identification.

Pakistan Consular access to Kasab is being denied.

Clean shaven..........No Lashkar-e-Taiba member would ever be clean shaven, and he does not look Pakistani.

Is he from Faridkot, Punjab, Pakistan as the authorities in India clearly said, or from India?

8. Italy means drugs and Mafia.

Rome has always been a major center for Mossad operations in Europe and North Africa.

Rome is where the Niger Yellow cake forgeries by the Israelis and Iranians were hatched, which was the causus Belli for the Iraq invasion by America, and false allegations against Saddam Hussain.

Rome is where Mossad and Iranian intelligence VEVAK meet to discuss how to keep the hated mullah regime in power in Iran, and other matters that are of interest to both nations.

The Jews, through America, the UK, and France, changed things in Iran in 1979, and brought in the mullahs.

Yellow Cake Uranium

So when a terrorist wears a Versace T-shirt, it is an Israeli statement of power, and operational presence - "This is our show", we are running it.

Jews, through various intelligence organizations and organized crime, control most of the world narcotics trade. (The real reason why Uncle Sam is grunting in Afghanistan).

There are persistent rumors that the Shiv Sena trades in narcotics with the Israelis, through the huge number of Israeli tourists who flock to India each year.

It should be noted that the 'illustrious' Jewish house of David Sassoon, which controlled a significant portion of the worlds opium trade at one time, was based in Mumbai.

Some of his descendants still live there, along with the traditional Cochin and Beni Israel Jews of India.

Clive meets Mir Jafar

9. The Pakistani military are the traditional Mir Jafars of the region, allowing foreign bases on South Asian soil to the extent no other self respecting South Asian nation with IZZAT would allow.

(Mir Jafar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

1971. 3,000,000 killed in East Pakistan by the British/US trained and armed Pakistan military.

1973--1977. 100,000 killed in Baluchistan by the British/US trained and armed Pakistan military.

Since 2003. Perhaps up to 10,000 killed in the NWFP by the British/US trained and armed Pakistan military.

In the 1948, 1965, 1971, 1999 wars the British/US trained and armed Pakistan military have killed maybe 10,000 Indian servicemen.

In Kashmir through the backing of separatist insurgents the British/US trained and armed Pakistan military have indirectly been responsible for the death of 50,000 people.

Since July 1979, through American encouragment, the British/US trained and armed Pakistan military trained and armed the Afghan Mujaheddin in response to American geostrategic plans for the area, under "Operation Cyclone" and "Greenbelt". 1,500,000 Afghans died in the war that followed.

In 1994 in response to American strategic requirements, the British/US trained and armed Pakistan military trained, armed, organised and often led the Taliban in Afghanistan into power resulting in 100,000 deaths in the country.

10. But by allowing Israeli intelligence to manage their show in Mumbai ...the Shiv Sena authorities have stooped to a new low of Mir Jafarness traitorous behavior as South Asians against all of South Asia.

This is how the Raj conquered all India, eventually.

This is how the Raj killed 30 million Indians, eventually.

This is how the Raj stole $1 trillion worth of Indian assets, eventually.

Family arguments should be kept within the family. You don't bring in foreigners in order to settle your family arguments. Then you become beholden to the wishes and interests of foreigners, after all they have helped you have they not? Something all South Asians should know from their metric history books.

You don't kill your own people, using foreigners in order to win elections either. The word for such things is treason, high treason.

The Siv Sena of Mumbai are 'filthy traitorous chamar, nothing less'.


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