Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mick Hume - 'an apologist for abusers'


Is Mick Hume, an ex-grammar school boy who writes for the Times newspaper in the UK, a disinformation agent?

Is he one of those 'radical leftists' who secretly supports the Pentagon and Israel?

1. Mick Hume has been accused of being "an apologist for abusers" - No murder at the mansion

He wrote in The Times, 16 December 2008:

"There is certainly no shortage of 'fantastic' rumours flying around Jersey, as I found when an e-mail circular from a local politician, suggesting that I might be an apologist for abusers, preceded me on to the island...

"The fact remains that nobody has provided any evidence of a political cover-up..."

(JERSEY - Harper, in the Belfast Telegraph, tells us the truth)

2. Mick Hume (born 1959) is a British journalist and former organizer of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

"It is worth examining the deep penetration of MI5 into the Communist Party." read on.

Mick Hume was the editor of Living Marxism.

"Ever since Living Marxism began publishing 11 years ago, it has drawn rumours ... that it is secretly funded by a South African millionaire; that it is a front organisation for the British security services; for right-wing think tanks; for American corporations." - "Licence to rile"

3. Mick Hume supports Israel. He wrote: "Today's fashion for Israel-bashing seems to me to represent a similar foolishness." (New Statesman - NS Essay - The anti-imperialism of fools)


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