Monday, December 29, 2008


Israel's prime minister has Russian origins.

"The deep penetration of settlements and connecting highways into the occupied territories,

"the control of the Israeli military of the skies above the territories, the condensed network of checkpoints on the ground turning Palestinian areas into patches of population centres,

"the total control of all borders and, most importantly, the complete linkage of the Palestinian economy to that of Israel, are all facts that scream for calling a spade a spade:

"Palestinians are inhabitants of the state of Israel;

"they exist in a regime of de facto annexation;

"consequently not awarding them Israeli citizenship given Israel's complete and thorough domination of their lives is a form of discrimination." - Why one state works


Do you think that all Nations should expel their Israeli diplomats for Israel's attack on Gaza?


(1592 votes)

(61 votes)
Total votes: 1653

'Israel Has Lost Its Right To Exist'

Did Madoff Move $100 Billion to Israel?

Has the CIA been behind the fighting in the Malukus (Moluccas)?

The CIA in Indonesia. "Sayed Abdullah said that in the Malukus (MOLUCCAS), where hundreds if not thousands were killed, it was clear and obvious that western powers were behind the rioting and murder campaigns against Muslims.

"'The aim in the Malukus was to cut the Spice Islands away from Indonesia and create a non-Muslim nation right in the middle of the largest Muslim country on earth. This failed because the Mujahideen were right there to stop them.'

"He added that it was the Mujahideen who blew up a vessel carrying 350 Dutch, Australian and American mercenaries who wanted to disembark on the Malukus at the very start of the conflict between Muslims and Christians there." - CIA, Mossad Infiltrated Muslim Organizations

The 'terrorism' is often linked to Christian gangsters, Moslem gangsters and the American trained military.

Iraq's ruling Shia coalition appears on the verge of fragmenting - Friends no longer

UK "The SNP has set itself a target of 20 seats. It’s ambitious, but it’s perfectly possible the Scottish nationalists could win 12 constituencies. Plaid Cymru will be disappointed if their current tally of three doesn’t rise to six.

"So we could have a Lib Dem bloc of 29 and an SNP-Plaid group of 18 or even 20. What happens then? What if the Conservatives do a little better, and they turn out to be the largest party?

"What if a Cameron-Clegg alliance is still a few seats short of majority, and needs the SNP-Plaid Cymru on board?" - How Plaid could hold the balance of power at Westminster

China ready to exand Yuan trade area to ASEAN countries , Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam


Lots of people cannot afford to buy Coca Cola


Classic Revolutions

The Cleverness of the Israelis

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