Friday, December 12, 2008

How do Moslems vote?

Indonesian Moslems

Do Moslems vote for the Islamists?


Over 90% of Moslems, given free and fair elections and a reasonable choice of parties, vote for the secular, non-religious, democratic parties.

1. The biggest Moslem country in the world is Indonesia.

In Indonesia, the great majority of Moslems vote for the secular, democratic parties.

The top two parties are the PDI and Golkar and both are secular.

Militant Islamists usually get around 5% of the vote at most. (aangirfan: Islamic Caliphate myth)

Indonesia is the biggest moslem country in the world.

2. In Pakistan's recent elections, the sucessful parties were not Islamist.

Militant Islamists usually get around 5% of the vote, unless they are being heavily backed by the CIA. (aangirfan: Islamic Caliphate myth)

In the 2002 elections, Musharraf, then supported by the CIA, stayed in power partly with the help of Islamic groups, who reportedly had the support of the CIA.

Bilawal Zardari, son of Pakistan's President.

3. What, you may ask, about the Palestinians?

Israel built up Hamas as a way of weakening and dividing the Palestinians.

Hamas won the 2006 parliamentary elections, partly because the secular Fatah was presented as being corrupt.

Palestinians would have voted for a peaceful, honest, secular, democratic party, if they had had the choice.

4. In Egypt, in 2005, the Muslim Brotherhood gained 20% of parliamentary seats.

The Muslim Brotherhood is regarded as being a tool of the CIA and MI6.

Some Moslems, feeling a strong dislike of President Mubarak, may have been conned into voting for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Moslems are generally peaceful and friendly

5. What about Iraq? Many Sunnis boycotted the 2005 election. Shiah Islamist parties emerged as the dominant force.

But, in free and fair elections and with a good choice of parties, the outcome, it can be argued, would have been different.

6. In Saudi Arabia, in local elections in 2005, Islamists performed well.

But, no political parties were allowed in these elections.

And the Monarchy uses the Islamists to help keep themselves in power.

Reportedly the CIA and its friends aim to take over Saudi Arabia at some point in the future, in order to grab the oil.

So the CIA may be only to happy to promote the sort of militant Moslems who will cause disruptions. (,2763,786332,00.html)

7. In Algeria, in 1991, important elections were held.

The government party was seen as being massively corrupt and massively unpopular.

Voters turned to the Islamist party as a protest vote.

8. In Morocco, the Islamists do not get many votes, except among the most desperate of the poor.

The Muslim Brotherhood, like most such organisations, is reportedly a tool of the CIA and its friends.

9. Malaysia had a General Election in March 2004.

The moderate National Front (BN) won 90.4% of all the seats in parliament.

The big loser was the Islamic party (PAS).

10. In the UK, many Moslems vote Labour.

Blackburn is the UK constituency of UK government minister Jack Straw, who is of Jewish origin.

In the 2005 general Election, many Moslem voters were persuaded to vote for the Labour Party's Jack Straw.

One voter of Pakistani origin told The Independent that Labour kept its hold through the mosque committee. "It is 100 per cent Labour. They control the mosque. They frighten the people."

Moslem Party Parade in Indonesia

11. Reportedly the CIA and its friends put the Ayatollahs into power in Iran.

This prevented Iran from being a secular democracy.

12. Afghanistan was a reasonably peaceful place until the CIA and its friends began to finance and train the Islamist extremists.


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