Saturday, December 13, 2008


Picture of Palestinian children taken by Justin McIntosh

Nazi genocide: Gaza families eat grass as Israel locks border

Oil producing countries

"As a new President starts spending serious bail-out cash, the only way for the dollar is down. And when the US currency falls, the oil price rises – not least because crude is priced in dollars. ...The December 2009 future contract traded at no less than $15 above the spot price last week – pointing to massive bets being placed on crude going up... the price of oil bought now for delivery next year and for years to come, is now nearer to $80 than $40." - Western economies are flailing on an oil-price rollercoaster

So the pound is just falling to 'fair value'. What if it can't stop?

Famous Jewish guy: Bernie Madoff

World’s richest hit by Bernard Madoff

Possibly the biggest fraud in corporate history

Who is Bernard Madoff?

Madoff the National Treasurer of Jews:

Bernie Madoff`s alleged $50bn fraud may be just a foretaste of what`s to come

Blagojevich arrest could send Jewish rep to Senate

Obama-Blagojevich Connections

Priest claims police interference in aftermath of Lockerbie bombing

"THE brother of UK Shadow Chancellor George Osborne is today exposed for supplying prescription drugs to a cocaine addicted hooker he was sleeping with." - Osborne's brother, the £150 hooker & drugs

Ed Stourton is not Jewish

Further evidence of ‘dumbing down’ at the 'Zionist' BBC. "Senior BBC sources said Ed Stourton was forced out because he failed to respond to demands for Today presenters to take part in more light-hearted banter on air." - BBC has treated me worse than Jonathan Ross, says 'Posh' Ed ...

Baby P relative implicated in child sex ring

Greek riots spark fear of Europe in flames

Floundering Somali Govt Nears Collapse

The lies about the captured Mumbai 'gunman' Ajmal Amir.


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