Monday, December 15, 2008

The Cockroach Party's Eton-educated toff takes over as prime minister of Thailand


Have the CIA and its friends, including reportedly the King of Thailand, almost completed their coup in Thailand?

On 15 December 2008, Thailand's parliament elected Abhisit Vejjajiva, as the new prime minister. (Thai opposition leader elected PM)

Outside parliament, rocks were thrown at cars belonging to politicians who voted for Abhisit.

Abhisit is a British-born, Eton-educated, Thai-Chinese 'toff'.

He leads Thailand's opposition Democrat party.

The Democratic Party are associated with the thuggish, right-wing People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD).

In elections at the end of 2007, Abhisit and his Democrats were heavily defeated by Thaksin's allies.

The Democratic Party is known as the 'cockroach party', partly because of its links to various sinister godfathers.. (Profile: Abhisit Vejjajiva)

On campaign trips to the populous and relatively poor north of Thailand, Mr Abhisit has been pelted with rotten vegetables. (Profile: Thailand's new Eton educated prime minister)

In Chiang Mai, the home town of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, Thaksin supporters are preparing to join a mass rally in Bangkok in a move to hinder the Abhisit-led government and stop it delivering its policy statement in parliament. (Rocks thrown at MPs' cars at parliament)

Abhisit may not be as bad as his party is alleged to be. He has promised many populist policies, including free health care, free education and an increased minimum wage.


CIA plot to topple Thai leader? Thaksin won ... elections with 61% of the vote and ... implemented policies designed to help the rural poor. Mr. Thaksin began a health program allowing Thais to obtain any medical treatment for just 77 cents per visit... The behavior and tactics of the Thai opposition would appear to have been copied from a CIA manual.


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