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Hindu Zionists? (Images from:

CIA and Mossad at work? Clashes in Karachi between Urdu-speakers and Pashtuns from northwest Pakistan. More deaths in Pakistan clashes

Mumbai's 26/11 was actually a plan hatched by "Hindu Zionists" and "Western Zionists", including the Mossad, said a self-styled Pakistan security expert on a Pakistan news television show, uploaded on Was Mumbai from Hindus or Zionists? Pak TV says both!

Hindu Zionists?

"A Pakistani News Channel, News1 in its programme, 'Mujhe Ikhtilaf Hai', has accused the Indian Army of staging a drama in Mumbai and even claimed that terrorists belonged to India, not Pakistan... It was a collusion between 'Western Zionists' and 'Hindu Zionists', said Zaid Hamid." here

"The 20 fugitives India believes have taken refuge in Pakistan include India's most wanted man, Mumbai underworld ruler Dawood Ibrahim, and Masood Azhar, leader of the Jaish-e-Mohammad, one of the most violent militant groups in Pakistan. India said that the list would be a test of Pakistan's pledge of cooperation following the attacks. However, the list does not appear to include people sought specifically in connection with the Mumbai assault." - Most wanted man named among fugitives

The Insane Zionist Masterplan - Pitting Hindu India against Islam .


Petraeus was born in New York, the son of Miriam (née Howell) and Sixtus Petraeus. His father was a sea captain who had emigrated to the United States from the Netherlands during the initial phase of World War II.[19]

"Petraeus Is A Jewish Dutch Name" - just-another-inside.

'One in 10' children suffer abuse Brian Rossiter Inquiry Findings to be Released .

Polls Back New Bolivia Constitution

SNP MP stands up for Scotland's poorest people

Scottish growth to outstrip UK

Full fiscal powers for Scotland dismissed

Calman evidence 'was tampered with'

Scotland's biggest police force boosts SNP pledge for 1000 extra police...

Report: Mossad behind Ergenekon plot

Blast at Turkish political office


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