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The CIA Plan for Pakistan?

The Lahore Museum was built in 1894. Rudyard Kipling's father was one of the famous curators of the museum. Source

On 3 December 2008, the bipartisan Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation and Terrorism reported that:

If there was a WMD attack on the United States, it would originate in Pakistan.

(WMD attack to originate in Pakistan: US report)

Acording to the report:

“Were one to map terrorism and weapons of mass destruction today, all roads would intersect in Pakistan."

The commission briefed President Bush and Vice President-elect Joe Biden, senior congressional leaders on 3 December 2008 and warned them “it is more likely than not that a weapon of mass destruction will be used in a terrorist attack somewhere in the world by the end of 2013”.

Allegedly, the CIA is preparing the world for a possible US attack on Pakistan by, allegedly, carrying out the following actions:

1. The assassination of Benazir Bhutto in December 2007

2. The toppling of Musharraf in August 2008

3. The attack against the Islamabad Marriott in September 2008

And various other Gladio-style terror attacks within Pakistan

4. The Mumbai Attacks of November 2008

The US commission report, of 3 December 2008 (WMD attack to originate in Pakistan: US report), noted that in October 2008, China agreed to build two nuclear power plants in Pakistan.

Pakistan by Steve Evans

“This deal — especially if it does not contain mechanisms to prevent nuclear material from being transferred from the new civilian plants to military facilities — signals a nascent nuclear arms race in Asia,” the commission warned.

“The risk of a WMD attack being planned and executed from Pakistan’s northwest frontier area is growing, as that area continues to function as a safe haven for Al Qaeda.”

The commission also issued the following recommendations:

The President and Congress should develop and implement a comprehensive policy involving all elements of national power — military, economic, and diplomatic — to eliminate terrorist safe havens in Pakistan. This policy should also be implemented with regard to Afghanistan, India, China and Russia.

Action: The United States should continue to support Pakistan’s efforts to eliminate Al Qaeda’s safe haven in Fata and the NWFP, through increased joint military and intelligence operations. The United States should also support Pakistan’s efforts to work with tribal leaders and to strengthen the Frontier Corps and local police.

The United States should continue to provide Pakistan direct military support in the hunt to capture or kill al Qaeda and Taliban terrorist leaders. The United States, with other countries, should also provide funding and training to the Pakistani military, as well as to the Frontier Corps and other local and provincial security forces...

The Pakistani government, military, and people need to understand that their interests are also at stake—an unfortunate reality driven home by the assassination of Benazir Bhutto and by the September 2008 attack against the Islamabad Marriott.

Picture of a british family's first car in Karachi on Elphinstone St., Karachi, Sind, Pakistan. From's.htm

On 4 January 2009, John Berlin wrote:

Why the US Wants the Collapse of Pakistan (UNObserver & International Report)


1. There are secret US military bases with troop levels totalling, at present, a few thousand - and Punjab isn’t the only region that has US combat troops present.

2. Traditional mainstream media are being fed stories that underline the “need” for US intervention.

3. Scenarios are already being floated to carve up Pakistan into “Greater Baluchistan” (which is now Pakistan’s largest province) and some other new “states” in which to install puppet regimes.

4. The weakening or even collapse of the state of Pakistan will create a new battlefield badly needed by the White House.

The “War on Terror” (as the War on Islam is often termed), like most wars, needs expansion or it collapses.


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