Saturday, December 06, 2008


"One of the two Indian men arrested for illegally buying mobile phone cards used by the gunmen in the Mumbai attacks was a counterinsurgency police officer who may have been on an undercover mission, security officials said Saturday, demanding his release...

"The implications of Ahmed's involvement — that Indian agents may have been in touch with the militants and perhaps supplied the SIM cards used in the attacks — added to the growing list of questions over India's ill-trained security forces, which are widely blamed for not thwarting the attacks." -Police: Man arrested in Mumbai probe is cop

Mumbai and the Hindu Fascists who appear to run India.

Anglo-American-Israeli plans for Pakistan and beyond.

Mumbai and the Anglo-American-Mossad-RSS Nexus

Is Pakistan to Blame?

"Our army that now remains in Vietnam is in a state approaching collapse, with individual units avoiding or having refused combat, murdering their officers andnoncommissioned officers, drug-ridden, and dispirited where not near-mutinousConditions exist among American forces in Vietnam that have only been exceededin this century by...the collapse of the Tsarist armies in 1916 and 1917." -The Soldier's Revolt

India reserves right to strike Pakistan in response to Mumbai attack

Hoax India call put Pakistan on high alert: report -A hoax phone call from someone claiming to be India’s foreign minister put Pakistan on high alert last weekend as relations between the two nuclear powers deteriorated.

Bomb Blast At Pakistan Market


Homo-Hater's Hubby Gets Outed in Phone Call

Footage shows settlers shooting Palestinians

Jewish settlers in Hebron shoot Palestinian men

How Israel kills Palestinians with Remote Control Guns - shooting fish in a Barrel IDF style

Mossad implicated in a coup plot in Turkey, a NATO country; CIA fingerprints also found...

PETER OSBORNE: Mandy's scheming chums and their suicidal plot to take UK into the euro

BAE accused of £100m payments

Gas, electricity and oil prices plunge ... but energy bills are still higher than ever

SNP MSP's Iraq stamp campaign gets backing


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