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Thailand, CIA, Anupong, Sirikit, Crime

An old picture of Queen Sirikit of Thailand, whose son, the crown prince, allegedly has a daughter and sons by a mistress now living in the UK.

Thailand is important in terms of various mafias.

The CIA reportedly takes an interest in Asian heroin.

According to an article at ZNet, the CIA has encouraged the Heroin Trade:

"In one of the CIA's more foul operations, its agents used its Air America airline to fly out Golden Triangle heroin.

"The drug was sold to corrupt... Thai politicians who then peddled it to GIs in South Vietnam and a booming population of addicts in America."


Reportedly, Thai Prime Minister Somchai, and his ally Thaksin, have tried to:

1. help the poor

2. stamp down on drugs barons.

3. become more friendly with China.

The King

Is a CIA coup proceeding in Thailand?

Thai Army commander General Anupong Paochinda helped remove the popular Thaksin from power in 2006.

On 26 November 2008, Anupong suggested the government dissolve parliament. (Thailand government rejects army call to dissolve parliament)

And, the Thai army chief has advised the prime minister to quit.

Anupong is thought to have increased his power as the result of a recent army reshuffle.

The Queen appears to be supporting the PAD movement, which hopes to topple the government. (Thailand crashes and burns)

PAD may be a tool of the CIA.

On 25 November 2008, PAD guards were caught on Thai television opening fire from a pick-up truck on pro-government supporters.

Many believe the PAD is creating violence to pave the way for an army takeover.

Thai academic Giles Ungpakorn, on the Prachathai website on 26 November 2008, writes:

"How did the PAD thugs manage to seize Bangkok International airport?

"Airports are supposed to be high-security areas and Thai airports are controlled by the Thai military.

"It is obvious that the Thai military, who staged an illegal coup in 2006, have quietly supported the actions of the PAD.

"It is obvious that the military is unwilling to provide basic security to air travelers and air crew." - (Thailand crashes and burns)

AIDS is now the main cause of death in Thailand. In Thailand's villages they are not dying so much of heart attacks as of AIDS.

There are more than one million Thais in the sex industry and more than one million Thais with HIV.

I got bad vibes, in Bangkok.

It was supposed to be the land of smiling people, but the three girls at the door of the seedy hotel were not smiling. The taxi driver had insisted we stop at this place. "There are girls like young film stars," he had said. My protestations had been ignored.

The girls looked a picture of utter misery. They had probably been kidnapped and were missing their mums.

I refused to get out of the taxi and got driven safely back to Bangkok's Asia hotel.

Bangkok is now regarded as the CRIME CENTRE of Asia.

In Thailand's capital city, the Russian mafia deal in extortion, the Germans and Australians export women, the Chinese deal in the small arms trade, the Korean mafias go in for kidnapping, the Japanese....

Turf wars have led to shootings.

In the year 2000, on the road from the airport, gunmen from Macau's 14K triad executed 3 Shui Fong members.

On September 15th 2000, seven hitmen ran into a Bangkok flat used by a top Indian mafia boss. The boss's lieutenant was killed instantly. The don was critically wounded.

Around the same time, a Pakistani gang leader, wanted for robbery and extortion, was gunned down in Bangkok.

In March 2001 a bomb wrecked a Thai Airways plane at Bangkok's international airport. Police suspect the attack could be linked to prime minister Thaksin's pledge to crack down on drug smuggling.

(In September 2001 the entire board of Thai Airways resigned. Prime Minister Thaksin had said the airline "sucks" and that if he had any choice he would not fly with it. Mr Thaksin had a narrow escape when a Thai Airlines plane exploded, killing one crew member. In September 2001 two Thai Airlines flight s were delayed by bomb scares.)

When I visited Pattaya, the vibes got worse. There was an aura of evil. Nobody seemed friendly, in any genuine way.

On the beach I got chatting to a businessman called Panya and his friend who was a local policeman. They suggested I might like to join them for lunch at a fish restaurant. It was a super meal, but muggins had to pay.

I met a pretty girl called X. Her father was dying of AIDS.

What I read in the local newspapers came as a bit of a shock.

48 year old tourist Peter A was found dead in his hotel room in Soi Pattayaland 3, in Pattaya. The deceased's room had been ransacked and there was blood all over the bathroom, according to the Pattaya Mail.

40 year old tourist Erich B fell from his Pattaya hotel room to his death. Earlier, a local Thai had been seen coming out of his room, according to the Pattaya Mail.

43 year old Oleg C was found dead in his Pattaya hotel room. He had been beaten.

A tourist in his 50's was found dead in a locked room...

"Within a two month period, there have been 7 foreigner deaths (in Pattaya)" reported the Pattaya Mail in a recent edition.

42 year old Peter D was assaulted by a gang of knife wielding thugs and had to receive 70 stitches. The attack took place at a bar on Soi 2, in Pattaya.

35 year old Brian E lost most of his valuables when his South Pattaya hotel room was burgled....

The Pattaya Mail had a report about money being extracted from tourists, by the police.

"There are police behind the scenes helping the foreign mafia do their dirty work," reported the Pattaya Mail.

Female tourists are not necessarily totally safe in Thailand.

23 year-old Johanne M from Cheshire was raped and murdered by a Thai monk. Her body was found south-west of Bangkok.

24-year old Kirsty J was raped and killed in a guesthouse in Chiang Mai.

On the island of Phuket a 22 year old student from Lanarkshire was brutally raped.

There is now a website urging people to boycott Thailand. urges tourists to avoid Thailand because of incidents like the following :

There was a fire in a hotel. Several young girls, who had been chained to their beds, were burnt to death.

The main risk to the tourist may be the "mysterious death" in a hotel room. The tourist is found dead. His money is gone. He has been drugged. The police say it was a heart attack, or suicide.

How about Bognor this year? It rains a lot, but at least they speak English.


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MayorofPattaya said...

This article is complete junk. Hearsay, nonsense, and a few dog-eared traveller reminiscences cobbled together to suggest the CIA are behind the latest unrest in Thailand. Maybe they are but you haven't provided even a scintilla of evidence in support. You were in Bangkok and the taxi driver took you to a seedy hotel. Some murders took place in 2001. AIDS is the biggest killer in Thailand - your source ? You met a bar girl and her dad was dying of aids. A handful of western tourists have been murdered in Pattaya. You met a bloke on the beach and you went for lunch and ended up with the bill. It just gets more and more cloak and dagger doesn't it? And let's not forget the monument of inconsequential trivia at the start: the Crown Prince has a daughter and son by a mistress. Eek! Clearly the CIA are involved. And then the old chestnut about the fire in the brothel and the girls were chained to the beds. It happened about fifteen years ago. Relevance? Do some proper research or don't bother.

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