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Sir Allen Stanford is the Texan billionaire who organised a $20 million tournament which split the world of cricket. Officials from Venezuelan military intelligence have raided a branch of his bank over claims that its employees were paid by the CIA to spy on Venezuela. - Stanford in CIA spying row

Mandelson and Brown

The power behind the UK government.

"The Mail on Sunday can reveal that Mandelson's family has links with powerful Russians stretching back at least two centuries, and he may even be related to the fabulously wealthy Rothschilds themselves...

"Nathan - Peter Mandelson's great-great-grandfather - was the son of Polish Jew Naphtali Felthusen...

"In 1830, Nathan married Phoebe, daughter of Jacob Levy Cohen, of Leicester. The Leicester Cohens were related to a woman named Hannah Cohen who married Nathan Mayer.

"Mayer would go on to found a banking dynasty and become the first Lord Rothschild - giving Peter Mandelson a family link to the Rothschild clan and, by extension, to Karl Marx, who was related to them." Mandelson's family history - Poland

The Solway Harvester

In 1990, the Scottish fishing boat the Antares was sunk by a hunter-killer submarine.

The Royal Navy attempted to cover up the incident by denying that its boat was involved and was slow to admit blame. (No need for secrecy on the open seas. )

D Mills - died on the Solway Harvester.

11 January 2000 - The Solway Harvester sank in the Irish Sea.

12 January 2000 - Trident submarine HMS Vigilant returned to Faslane on the Clyde with damage to its periscope.

22 January 2000 - Daily Record reported theory that sub collided with Harvester and holed its hull.

Solway Harvester sinking ruled an accident.


Gordon Brown's Britain : Scandal of care at top children's hospital

Scots banking big guns launch bid for control of HBOS

HBOS dream team will be hard to resist for shareholders

Politicians call for bid to be halted

Bankers in bid to kick out bosses at HBOS more >>>

Greedy bankers blow £330k on drunken junket

Sunday Herald Poll, 9 November 2008: Is the Lloyds-TSB merger the best option for HBOS?
Yes 11.1%
No 88.9%

Brown to deny Scots Parliament more powers

Spooky UK Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg: Tackling the terrorists requires more troops – and a plan


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