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There are a number of comments on Jersey at UK Indymedia - UK Indymedia - State-protected paedophile ring in Jersey?

"Jersey was the centre for ... ritual child sexual abuse in the British Isles...


"Graham Thomas Gallichan 33o has been appointed as the Inspector General for the District of the Channel Islands and was installed in that office on 6th March 2008. He is the successor to Arthur Bailey 33o who passed away in 2007.


"Bro Graham de Gruchy was appointed Provincial Grand Master (PGM) of the Provincial Grand Lodge of the Channel Islands in 2003 and he retires in September 2008. Grand Lodge, meeting in Edinburgh, has announced that his replacement will be Bro Roger T Parker, the present Deputy Provincial Grand Master.

"Bro.Parker was previously the Worthy Supreme Ruler of North East Yorkshire of the Order of the Secret Monitor. Bro.Parker will be invested at the meeting in Guernsey in September by Bro The Earl of Elgin and Kincardine, RW.Deputy Grand Master and Governor of the Order....

"The Fat Man who regularly visited the children in care at Haut de la Garenne to give them presents - together with all those in authority in Jersey who visited the boys and girls to give the lucky ones presents - as did many of our brethen who are senior politicans, senior law officers, senior advocates, and police..."

US child abuse

The Economy

"The Fed has so far made an estimated $30 billion in direct loans to foreign banks in South Korea, Mexico, Brazil and Singapore purportedly to protect the countries from slash-and-burn currency speculators, who are moving hundreds of billions of dollars out of foreign currencies and into the U.S. dollar and Treasury bills...

"New Zealand, which up to this point had a stable economy, is looking at $15 billion in loans from the Federal Reserve...

"These sorts of fiscal policies, which further dollar hegemony, also intertwine the U.S. economy with those that are currently on life support—a dangerous prospect that could take down the whole financial house of cards." - Christopher J. Petherick

Singapore Dollar v Pound Sterling

A New World Financial Order

Washington's $5 Trillion Tab

St. Patrick's Cathedral in Karachi. Photo by swerveut.

"The IMF says that Pakistan must cut its defense expenditire by 30% in order to qualify for its rescue aid package.

"Jews want the USA to attack Pakistan to secure its nukes for Israel, and are in the process of destabilising the country through various avenues to that end." - What Pakistan has to do.

Victims of Philippines dirty war

3 to 4.3 Billion Barrels of Technically Recoverable Oil Assessed in North Dakota and Montana’s Bakken Formation

UK health service is worse than Estonia's Mail Online


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