Thursday, November 20, 2008

Russia versus USA in Yemen

1. Mossad and the CIA like the idea of controlling Yemen.

But, Russia is said to be moving closer to Yemen.

On 21 October 2008, we read: Russia May Revive Yemeni Naval Base

"Sergei Mironov, speaker of the... upper house of the Russian Parliament, said Yemen and its main port of Aden could become a center for the Russian navy to fulfill 'strategic goals' in the coming years.

"Mironov made his comments during a visit to the Yemeni capital, Sanaa (October 2008).

"In reporting his remarks, RIA Novosti noted they were made in the context of the growing piracy threat off the horn of Africa and in the southern Red Sea. It said 'authorities in Yemen already have been calling on Moscow to help fight piracy and possible terrorist threats.'

"'It's possible that the aspects of using Yemen ports not only for visits by Russian warships, but also for more strategic goals will be considered,' Mironov told reporters.

A Russian-manufactured armoured car in Yemen (North Yemen Civil War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -)

"Mironov also suggested Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh might pay a state visit to Russia soon, and the possibility of renewed military technical cooperation between the two countries could then be discussed.

"Pirates based in chaotic Somalia on the other side of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden from Yemen last month extended their activities closer to the Yemeni coast when they captured a Panamanian oil tanker.

"Mironov stated that Yemeni authorities had expressed concern that terrorist forces linked to the al-Qaida organization could be operating in Somalia and off its coast and that they might seek to carry out attacks in the Arabian Sea, which carries much of the world's oil export sea traffic from the Persian Gulf."

2. So, Mossad and the CIA might want to destabilise the government of Yemen.

Reportedly, Yemen's oil is running out.

Yemen 'faces crisis as oil ends'

The World Bank predicts that by 2017, Yemen's oil and gas revenues will be zero.

The Royal Institute for International Affairs warns that this could lead to political instability which could expand to northern Kenya and Saudi Arabia.

It describes Yemen's democracy as "fragile" and refers to armed conflicts with Islamists and tribal insurgents.

Yemen is described as a democracy, but there is said to be a tribal system of patronage around President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The president faces conflicts with tribal groups and faces 'Islamist' insurgents.

Yemen is next to important shipping routes and is close to the Suez Canal.

Sanaa in Yemen by Tyabji

3. In September 2008, Yemen reportedly uncovered a network of 40 Mossad spies.

Yemen Observer

"The network was comprised of 40 people from different Arab nationalities spying for Mossad, the Israeli international intelligence, said sources from National and Political Security Units.

"The members of the espionage network entered Yemen on the premise of conducting business, tourism and even for preaching in mosques.

"Saleh said that the suspected spies form a terrorism cell that uses also Islam to reach their targets.

"Members were arrested individually and found to be in possession of detailed maps for sensitive security sites, intelligence telecommunication units and advanced tracking devices."


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