Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Marc Rich - Jewish financier alleged to have Mossad connections.

Obama's attorney general will be Eric Holder, according to US media reports.

In 2000, Holder advised President Clinton - on the last day of his administration - that he was "neutral, leaning towards favourable" about pardoning fugitive Jewish financier Marc Rich. - U.S. - Obama 'picks' US Attorney General

Mark Rich Helped KGB Create Hidden Government,. According to Newsmax, Saturday, March 31, 2001: "Mark Rich, the most-wanted fugitive pardoned by former President Clinton, was a key figure in the Communist Party and the KGB's creation of an underground government that survived the break-up of the Soviet Union and still rules Russia today behind the scenes."

"A 7-year-old girl was murdered by her stepmother after being raped and sodomized by her uncle, who lived in the same household in North Jakarta.

"The stepmother told police she strangled the girl because she could no longer stand hearing her pained cries for help in the middle of the night.

"Another widely publicized case involved 26 male kindergarten students who were sodomized by their Koran teacher." - Failing Our Children


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