Monday, November 24, 2008

Redrawn map suggests US intends to break up Pakistan

The above map first appeared among American neoconservatives.

It was used in an article by Ralph Peters entitled "Blood Borders: How a Better Middle East Would Look," published in Armed Forces Journal.

A senior Pakistani government official has said that "One of the biggest fears of the Pakistani military planners is the collaboration between India and Afghanistan to destroy Pakistan. Some people feel the United States is colluding in this." (Redrawn map has Pakistan wary)

Some commentators suggest that the United States is financing militants in order to tie down the Pakistani army and leave the way open for an American advance into Pakistan.



Ali.mostaque said...

The redrawn map argument in some senses is a fallacy. An idea. The real purpose is to get control of Pakistan's nukes, which has been the objective since the 1970's by the Israelis, through America mainly.

It should e made clear that all this would not have been possible without the cooperation of the top brass of the Pakistani armed forces with the Americans, and section of the Pakistani elite.

The so called attacks against sovereign Pakistani territory, don't happen against Iran, a nation not more powerful than Pakistan, and certainly without nukes.

And yet Pakistan has the ignominy of attacks on her sovereign territory, BECAUSE sections of the corrupt elite collaborate in such things as reported in the Washington Post.

As to the overall history of Pakistan over 60 years, well its been one disaster after another, and a failed state because of the elite, and the interference of the USA/UK......

And the Pakistanis are still wondering whats wrong with their country.

xerion said...

Pakistanis should wonder why they still call themselves Muslims when then visit dargahs, watch movies, listen to music, and do a whole host of other un-Islamic things ... they are basically just Hindus in the guise of Islamic clothing and they should just return to being Jats, Rajputs and Gujju type Sindhis ...

The Pakistan movement was a creation of power hungry muslim elites in the 1890s so that they could rule over some tracts of land and get to live off the hard work of poor people who had been conveniently labeled Indian Muslims during the Medieval times.

The Pakistani peoples are the rag-tag mixture of North-western Indian tribes living under the yoke of Islam and are basically being used by their own so-called elites. What an ignominy ... and they are wondering what is wrong with the state of Pakistan ??? The whole idea of Pakistan is a total falsehood. The sooner the people open their eyes and kick the forcibly applied Islamic label, the quicker they are going to have a better life ...

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