Friday, November 14, 2008

OIL AT $300 A BARREL, within 4-5 years.

Inflation in Hungary 1946 (Mizerák István)

Hyperinflation is caused by governments printing too much money.[5]

Bush and Brown and Mugabe print lots of money, and that money becomes worth less and less.

In Zimbabwe, a piece of bacon can now cost a trillion dollars.

Within the next four to five years, oil prices may surge as high as $300 a barrel, forecasts Puru Saxena, CEO of Puru Saxena Wealth Management.

This is good news for countries like Scotland.

Saxena states:

"If you look at the supply and demand dynamics of most of the natural resources, whether it’s energy or food or mining companies, they are still very very bullish.”

Johann Santer, MD at Superfund Financial Hong Kong told CNBC that he expects gold to rise from $710 an ounce to $1500-$2000 an ounce within the next three months.

On 13 November 2008, Steve Watson wrote: Analysts Predict Hyper-Inflation To Push Gold To $2000, Oil to $300 Within Months

Steve Watson tells us that Johann Santer’s prediction "mirrors that of numerous other fund managers and top investors such as Jim Rogers, Robin Griffiths and Jurg Kiener."

In 2008, a report by Goldman Sachs Group Inc. forecast that oil prices will reach $150 to $200 dollars a barrel within 2 years.

JP Morgan Chase & Co have also predicted that prices could rise to $200 a barrel.

The countries which would benefit from a high oil price are Scotland (if it is independent), Iraq (if it is independent), Venezuela (if it is independent), Iran (if it is independent), Russia, Nigeria and other countries with oil.
Soon the Scots, if they vote SNP, may all be living in palaces like this -

Photo of Mysore Palace by Sarvagnya


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