Monday, November 17, 2008

Merseyside child abuse

Photo from Liverpool in the UK by Man vyi

The Liverpool Echo, 4 February 2008, had a news story entitled Monsters ruined my life (uk)

Shy Keenan, as a child, was in the hands of a child-abusing paedophile ring.

Stanley Claridge and his ring abused children in Wirral’s Noctorum estate, near Liverpool in the UK.

At the age of four, Shy Noonan became Claridge’s step-daughter.

She was then raped every day and was often being beaten by her mother.

When she was 10, Shy was attacked by the local gang of child abusers and left for dead in a field, her skull fractured.

Schools, social services and police failed to protect Shy.

The abuse occurred mainly on the Noctorum estate between 1971 and November 1982.

The Phoenix survivors website,, features a suicide note which a child-abuse victim wrote to his mother.

It reads: “What that b**tard did to me I will never forget. I will come back and haunt him I hope. Nobody knew that whilst a kid I was being done by a b**tard that done others, but the big question I would like to be answered is: Why me? Did I ask to be done by a paedophile? Did I ask to be sick for 10 years?“

Now says Shy: “None of us want his death to be in vain and we will never forget him. This country has got a long way to go when it comes to really helping victims. The lack of counselling is appalling.

Shy was filmed and photographed during the rapes until she was 14.


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This is still going on in Liverpool

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