Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Know what's going on

Jamie Gorelick

US Attorney General contender carries 9/11 related baggage

Baron David de Rothschild: Economic Crisis Will Bring New World Order

Ken Clarke ('Bilderberg'): Britain is on the brink of meltdown

Jean-Marc Connerotte - sacked because he was finding out too much about top people and child murder.

Jersey abuse case police chief suspended

Belgian child sex inquiry hero sacked.

On Jersey, 'there were no bodies, no shackles, no dungeons'; POLICE 'COVER-UPS'.

Are top people involved in child abuse?

Carl Denning was quoted by The Sun as saying a boy died mysteriously in the Haut de la Garenne sick bay used by staff and their pedophile friends.

Mr Denning, 49, said he suffered sexual abuse at the Haut de la Garenne home in St Martin, Jersey, from the age of five until he was eight.

He said two of his friends who suffered sexual abuse killed themselves at the home, but staff at the home did nothing. (Jersey abuse 'led victims to suicide' The Australian)

"One of the witnesses referred to a tape of child pornography showing men in police uniforms sexually assaulting children." - aangirfan: Satanic child abuse and the police

Nuclear Accident at Devonport

"More than 61 gallons (280 litres) of toxic coolant poured into a river from a burst hose as it was being pumped from the nuclear submarine HMS Trafalgar on November 7.

"But the Navy has only now admitted to the spill of the liquid, which contained tritium, a substance which can cause burns, cancer and DNA mutations as it breaks down." - Submarine in worst nuclear leak since 80s / 'Radioactive' liquid leaks from Navy's nuclear submarine .

NWO bank news: The respected Jeff Randall writes that Gordon Brown's "bail-out means that HBOS could remain independent and solvent...

"When Lord Mandelson, then just plain Peter, was last in charge of trade, he derailed BSkyB's bid to take over Manchester United football club on grounds of public interest. That was in 1998.

"Ten years on, he regards the creation of a monopoly in an industry that affects all of us as no threat.

"It stinks."

- What's wrong with Lloyds' takeover of HBOS? Just follow your nose

FBI Senior Special-Agent-In-Charge Ted L. Gunderson who had compiled box loads of research and had assembled a number of reports in recent years which described unimaginable "operations" of treachery, sadistic savagery, degradation, abuse, and murder caused by intelligence agents of the United States government against its own citizens, especially children.


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