Sunday, November 30, 2008


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"Thousands of British Tamils will descend upon a major festival in London today despite accusations that it is a fundraising initiative for the Tamil Tigers." - Heroes' Day – or a terrorist fundraiser?

London Flaunts Role as World Terrorism Headquarters; Hosts Tamil Tigers..

aangirfan: Tamil Tigers and drugs, the Kurds and drugs, bin ...

Jacqui Smith's favourite policeman, Robert Quick, the head of the Met's anti-terrorist, unit, ordered raid on Tory MP's home

Microsoft Corporation Censors 9/11 Dissent

Ron Paul Warns Of Secret Plans To Create International Central Bank

"Officials say a relative of Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has been arrested in connection with an $8 million graft case at the country's central bank.

"Aulia Tantowi Pohan used to be a deputy at Bank Indonesia. He has been accused of illegally transferring money to protect some of his former colleagues who were implicated in a bailout scandal during the 1990s Asian financial crisis." - Graft scandal hits family of Indonesia's president

Riots kill 'hundreds' in Nigeria

Is the Lloyds-TSB merger the best option for HBOS? (
Yes - 13.9%
No - 86.1%

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