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Hindus, Israelis and Terrorism in India

Rajiv Gandhi, reportedly murdered by Mossad and its friends.

The top people in the Indian security service (RAW) are said to be working for Mossad.

"The inner circle of the Indian RAW ... were on the Mossad payroll." (Mossad in Sri Lanka Wake Up From Your Slumber)

Rajiv Gandhi, Prime Minister of India, was killed in 1991 by the Sri Lankan Tamil Tigers -Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam

Justice Jain investigated the conspiracy to assassinate Gandhi. (

Justice Jain came across evidence that one suspect known as Chandraswami had links with the CIA and Mossad, and through them with the LTTE (Tamil tigers).


Justice Jain 'seems convinced' that Chandraswami was involved.

According to Asia Times:

Justice Jain 'has linked Chandraswami with the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) in which arms dealer Adnan Kashoggi, several terrorist groups, and intelligence outfits like the CIA and Mossad had accounts.

'The money in it was used for terrorist operations and political assassinations. The report is quoted as saying that $4 million of Mr Kashoggi's money was transferred to the LTTE's accounts. Justice Jain had said this on the basis of a 130-page document prepared by US Senator John Kiri.

'The commission quotes evidence of former cabinet secretary Zafar Saiffullah who said Chandraswami had links with Mossad and the CIA, and that the government had received intercepts of wireless communication between Israel (where Mossad is based) and Jaffna (where the LTTE was operating till recently) which established Chandraswami's involvement...

'Money transactions in Chandraswami's name and his links with international arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi and the now defunct Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) have made the commission point an accusing finger...'

A poster from the pro-Israel Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)

At, 30 November 2008, we read a post entitled:

Hindutva and Zionism, Agents of Imperialism & Gandhi's Death

Here are some of the points made:

1. Mohandas Gandhi regarded the actions of the Zionists as 'terrorism'.

In 1948 a man by the name Nathuram Godse shot Gandhi.

2. There now appear to be racists within the elites of India and Israel.

People within the governments of Israel and India need "terrorist" incidents, in order to advance their agenda.

3. Israeli agents seemed very active in India, especially Kashmir, the year prior to 9/11.

4. Here is part of an article entitled: Hindutva and Zionism, Agents of Imperialism, which refers to the 'fascist' Hindu political parties in india.

The BJP (political party) has embraced Israel and turned a cold shoulder to the Palestinians, betraying the bonds of friendship shared by the Palestinian and Indian people in this process...

Hindu extremist websites gloat about the need to work together with Israel to target Muslims in South Asia...

Israel has also been suspected of involvement in the incitement of virulent anti-Muslim activities in India...

Faisal Kutty, a writer from Kerala state... noted that a meeting took place, shrouded in secrecy between BJP high officials and Israeli officials preceding a completely uncharacteristic violent communal anti-Muslim riot in the normally peaceful and harmonious state of Kerala in 1992...

Faisal Kutty also notes that the first serious communal clash between Sri Lankan Tamil Hindus and Muslims occurred shortly after the opening of an Israeli interests section in the U.S. Embassy in Colombo...

These suspicions cannot be unfounded because of similar reports about Israeli agents wandering in Kashmir...

Hindu nationalist Bajrang Dal training camp

Recently the BJP has built close security ties with the U.S. and Israel under the guise of "fighting terrorism." It is certain that this is a step towards turning India into a "security" state as both the U.S. and Israel will provide technological support in terms of arms, intelligence and who knows what else...

Organizations like the Bajrang Dal, a Hindutva (Hindu Nationalist) version of the Storm Troopers, the same group who last year burned to death an elderly Australian missionary and his children, also find inspiration and who knows what else in Zionist Israel.

Reportedly, Hindu nationalism has been encouraged by Israel.

5. The Indian Express, June 30, 2000 had an article entitled "Desi Mossad is getting ready at Bajrang Dal's Ayodhya camp." :

"I, as a member of Bajrang Dal, swear in the name of Lord Hanuman to always remain prepared to protect my country, religion and culture," 150 young men, between 15 and 21 years of age, recite in unison.

On several occasions, the cadres and their leaders mention Israel and the Mossad as their inspiration.

Asked what he did at the camp, an activist whispers, "I am from the secret service of Bajrang Dal. Israel's Mossad is my inspiration. I can't tell you more.''

Hindu Nationalist Bajrang Dal flag

6. The Times of India, Friday 22 September 2000 reports that

A high-level team of Israeli counter-terrorism experts is now touring Jammu and Kashmir and several other states in India at the invitation of Home Minister Lal Krishna Advani to make an assessment of New Delhi's security needs, high-level government sources said.

The Israeli team, headed by Eli Katzir of the Counter-Terrorism Combat Unit of the Prime Minister's Office, includes a senior Israel Police commander and Israeli military intelligence officials.

The team will prepare a "feasibility study" of Indian security needs and assess the areas in which Israel can offer assistance to New Delhi in tackling the activities of insurgent and terrorist groups.

Hindu militants

7. More from Hindutva and Zionism, Agents of Imperialism:

(The BJP political party appear to be neither patriotic nor honest. They were in power from 1998-2004)

A team of investigative journalists videotaped a series of bribe taking and bribe negotiating episodes involving people in the highest levels of government including the armed forces.

Using a fictitious arms deal the team easily bribed its way into the offices of high-ranking Indian officials in the armed forces and the government.

The ease with which it was possible to bribe these officials shocked the country.

Imagine what levels of corruption might be possible when very efficient efforts at the same are carried out by international professional arms dealers, mercenaries and other organizations?

The most damaging episode in this was a videotaped recording of the leader of the BJP, yes, the party leader, taking a wad of money and also mentioning that he prefers dollars!

Overnight, the BJP’s never ending charade of patriotism and honesty turned into outright guilt and defensive noises about ‘foreign conspiracy!’

As if the taking of bribes by the highest officials of the land especially for defense related deals, itself does not constitute treason and conspiracy of the highest order!

These so-called ‘patriots’ of the BJP are willing to send Indian soldiers as cannon fodder to their stupid warmongering disasters, with equipment that is sub standard, and available only because the officials procuring them were bribed into doing so.

Thus the so-called Barak missile found its way from Israel to India, while India’s own Trishul missile, which outperforms the Barak, got pushed out, perhaps because the Indian defense industries couldn’t match the Mossadis in bribery and intrigue!?

Goon Squad: Hindutva and Zionism, Agents of Imperialism & Gandhi's ...


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