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Herman Simm, the sinking of the Estonia, and Israel

Simm the spy

On 21 September 2008, Herman Simm, an employee of Estonia’s defence ministry, was arrested, along with his wife, and charged with spying for an unnamed foreign power.

Simm had access to NATO secrets.

Christopher Bollyn, in October 2008, relates the story of spy Herman Simm and the 1994 sinking of the ferry called the Estonia in the Baltic.

Herman Simm and the Estonia Catastrophe - Christopher Bollyn

At least 852 people died when the Estonia sank.

According to Christopher Bollyn, Simm, and the sinking, both seem to have links to Israel.

Reportedly, the Estonia was carrying stolen weapons technology and a truckload of plutonium - bound for Israel, with the knowledge of certain Swedish and Estonian officials.

Swedish prime minister at the time was Bilderberg member Carl Bildt.

The Estonia

Maurice Greenberg was the boss of A.I.G. which reportedly has links to the CIA. (aangirfan: AIG, CIA, 9 11, DRUGS)

Reportedly, one of Greenberg's private planes, a Gulfstream 4, was involved in the kidnapping of about a half dozen members of the Estonia crew who survived the sinking.

Capt. Avo Piht survived the sinking but was kidnapped from the hospital, along with 10 other crewmembers.

In Avo Piht's cabin, divers reportedly found a black leather case belonging to the Russian Jew and weapons smuggler Aleksandr Voronin.

Reportedly, Voronin was escorting the stolen weapons technology and plutonium bound for Israel.

Reportedly, the Estonian spy Herman Simm oversaw the removal of documents from the wreck of the Estonia.

Evidence suggests Simm may have been working for the United States and or Israel.


Jutta Rabe, a German journalist, has now revealed the connections between Simm and the cover-up of the evidence about the weapons smuggling.

Rabe's revelations about Simm and an official dive to the wreck of Estonia was reported in the Finnish newspaper, Turun Sanomat, from the port city of Turku, although they were completely ignored in the Estonian media.

Anders Bjorkman, a naval architect, has proven that the official version of what happened during the sinking of Estonia is false. The Estonian state media, however, generally ignores raising any questions about the catastrophe.

The divers, who reportedly found Voronin's case, worked for Rockwater, a subsidiary of Brown & Root Energy Services (BRES) which is a subsidiary of Halliburton.

Voronin is an Ashkenazic Jewish surname.

Voronin is said to have died of a heart attack at age 45, in 2002, two weeks after the Sued-Deutsche Zeitung, a leading German newspaper, published details of his weapons and space technology business in connection with the Estonia catastrophe.

In 1994, at the time of Yeltsin, Russia was dominated by the Zionist "oligarchs".

These oligarchs are Israeli citizens and reportedly worked with Zionist criminals to plunder and loot Russia and Eastern Europe after the fall of the Soviet Union.

In 1994, the U.S. administration of President Bill Clinton was very much dominated and controlled by Zionist advisors like the Israeli Rahm Emanuel, who dominated the Clinton White House.

The Zionists also had a great deal of influence over the first independent Estonian government headed by Mart Laar (1991-94).

Laar, for example, was one of the three people involved in Estonia's first purchase of weapons – a $50 million deal with Israel.

The weapons sold by that Israel to Estonia very poor quality weapons they had captured in Lebanon.

Laar was also involved in financial scandals concerning transfers of Russian rubles to Chechnya.

Simm, it appears, was a key agent of Laar.


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This is one of the most poorly written articles I have ever read. No references, no true facts just 'reportedly' this 'reportedly' that. Reported by who?!?!? Also a bunch of what appears to be anti Zionist rubbish, very bias an opinionated article. No wonder the writer is anon. Worthless reading.

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