Monday, November 17, 2008

Haringey child abuse; Angers child abuse ring

Angers in France. Photo by Denis Pithon

Do child abuse rings operate in Haringey in London? (Haringey boy's link to child abuse rings and top people. )

Is there involvement by government officials?

Do some adults sexually abuse babies?

Between 1999 and 2002, a large paedophile ring operated in the town of Angers in France.

(Child abuse gang horrifies France / A Town Called Angers - TIME)

At least 65 adults were involved.

13 women reportedly raped boys.

There were 45 abused children.

The youngest of the abused children was 6 months old.

The oldest was aged 14.

Some of the children were prostituted and raped by their own parents and grandparents.

21 of the 23 families involved in the case had been monitored by French social workers.

The first report of abuse was in 1999, but the investigation only began in 2002.

Three of those put on trial had a previous conviction for child abuse, and were supposed to be under police supervision.

Some of the abused children talked of a group of men who arrived at the abuser Franck V.'s apartment wearing suits and ties, with their faces hidden behind masks.

Franck V.'s lawyer Pascal Rouiller said he believed the men were part of a wealthy pedophile ring.

Le Monde said Angers' police and judges were using "evasive justifications" about why they missed more than a year of warnings about child prostitution.


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