Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Denis Matyjaszek (see below)

Thailand, CIA, Anupong, Sirikit, Crime

Britain's Fritzl

Leslie Hutchinson

Venezuela: "The CIA plans to destabilize the country after the November 23 elections"

Iceland Riots Precursor To U.S. Civil Unrest?

US planning to deploy more troops near Pakistan border

"If she'd get out of the way we could see what's happening."

"A gushingly pro-war article headlined The Five Myths Muslims Must Deny was... published in the Observer by the MP Khalid Mahmood...

"Just a few days later, however, it was revealed that the Observer article had not in fact been written by Mahmood, but by the then Foreign Office minister... Denis MacShane" (who reportedly is of Jewish origin). - Supping with the devil

Denis McShane was originally Denis Matyjaszek.

Working hard on the blog

Sovereign wealth funds switch from Western investments

3,000 dead from cholera in Zimbabwe

Evidence Suggests Brit Liquid Bomb Plot was Directed by UK/Paki/US Intel

The Break Up of the USA into Six Parts

Fastest ever waiting times delivered by SNP

Citizens Committee for Restructured Government

Pretty Girls Save The World Blog


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