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Glenrothes can halt, or continue, the Rape of Scotland

Scotland has "a remarkable number of first-class economic assets of world class, which have been developed by Scots." (George Rosie 1995, The Fletcher Forum)

But the rich elite in London has been stealing these assets.

As Andrew Marr pointed out, Margaret Thatcher used Scottish oil wealth to help her survive. (Margaret Thatcher)

"Many of Scotland's biggest, best and most eminent companies - the House of Fraser, Anderson Strathclyde, The Distillers Company, Arthur Bell, Britoil, British Caledonian, Loganair - have slipped into non-Scottish, usually English, ownership" (George Rosie 1995, The Fletcher Forum)

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The Scottish Sunday Express, 2 November 2008, has produced a survey of 1,000 voters in Glenrothes, where there is to be an important by-election. (POLL PUTS BROWN ON BRINK )

This puts Labour on 26.5% and the Scottish National Party on 23%.

"Almost 25% of voters are still undecided – with indications that as many as two-thirds of these are ... ready to support the Nationalists.

"Internal polling for the SNP ... suggests the party is on course to give the Prime Minister another bloody nose, but bookmakers last night insisted the race is too close to call."

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Professor Malcolm Slessser, formerly of Strathclyde University, has pointed out the advantages of Scotland becoming independent. (A Bright Economic Future)

According to Professor Slesser and his team:

With independence, Scotland would gain access to oil and gas revenues.

The material standard of living would rise more quickly than in the rest of the UK.

There would be more jobs.

Tax rates would decline markedly.

From an economic point of view, there is no reason why an Independent Scotland should not prosper if properly governed - ie. there is no economic argument against Scottish independence.

Slesser's report predicts:

The creation of 35, 000 new manufacturing jobs.
Pensions increased by 50%
Unemployment benefit increased 50%
20% rise in spending on the health service.
A trebling in expenditure on housing.


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