Friday, November 14, 2008

Fort Dix False Flag Terror?

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In the USA, the Star-Ledger, 13 November 2008, reports on what appears to be the case of an FBI agent, Mahmoud Omar, trying to stir up an act of terrorism.

FBI informant testifies suspect refused to plan attack

Mahmoud Omar, the FBI informant (or agent provocateur), infiltrated a group of Moslem immigrants in South Jersey, in the USA.

In September 2006, the FBI informant, Mahmoud Omar, complained that one of the immigrants "was gonna have a problem with me" because he kept refusing to plan, train or arrange meetings to discuss an attack.

Some time later, five Moslem immigrants found themselves in court, charged with plotting to kill US soldiers.

In November 2008, the comment by the informant, Mahmoud Omar, was told to jurors.

Defense lawyers say that the FBI informant Omar, an Egyptian national and convicted criminal, concocted and encouraged the conspiracy.

During conversation with the suspect, Mohamad Shnewer, Omar suggested Fort Dix as a possible target.


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