Saturday, November 29, 2008


Damien Green

In the UK, Damian Green, a leading opposition Member of Parliament, was taken from his home in Kent to a Central London police station, where he was interrogated for nine hours by the police.

He was "arrested without warning on trumped-up conspiracy charges and thrown into jail.

"His home, constituency and parliamentary offices are simultaneously raided by 20 anti-terrorist officers."

The police confiscated Damian Green's bank statements and forced him to submit to DNA and fingerprint sampling.

The Daily Mail, in the UK, 29 November 2008, has the headline: Police state Britain: MPs want protection after arrest of Tory for telling truths Labour didn't want you to know

And, RICHARD LITTLEJOHN, in the Daily Mail, tells us: Green's arrest is a monstrous abuse of power

Jacqui Smith

Littlejohn refers to the following people who are linked to Green's arrest:

1. 'Jackboot Jacqui', the Labour government minister in charge of home affairs.

2. The police chief Paul Stephenson. "Stephenson should ... spend the rest of his career ... directing traffic."

Michael Martin, Gorbals Mick

3. The Speaker of the House of Commons, known as Gorbals Mick, let the police search Green's office at the Commons, declare it a 'crime scene', and confiscate his files, mobile phone and laptop.

"Gorbals Mick is probably too thick to understand the historical duty of the Speaker to protect the independence of Parliament and its members... Gorbals should pay with his job."

4. The Labour government - "the same bunch of sadistic gangsters which hounded scientist Dr David Kelly to his death, for telling the truth about Iraq's non-existent nuclear weapons."

According to Littlejohn:

"This monstrous, abominable abuse of power shouldn't just bring down ministers, or police chiefs.

"It should bring down this callous, rotten government."

Labour was in power when the London Bombings took place.

Oswald Mosley, the fascist friend of Hitler, was a Labour Government Minister. Oswald Mosley

Diana died, while Labour was in power.

A vote for Labour is a vote for fascism.

Never ever vote Labour.

Labour is bankrupting Britain.

"Including PFI projects, unfunded public sector pension liabilities, Network Rail debt and the nationalisation of Bradford and Bingley, "real" Government debt is currently £1,854 billion.

"That would make it three times higher than official figures suggest, and around £75,984 for every household.

"However, adding up to £500 billion from the banking bail-out takes levels to £2,354 billion, or £96,475 for each household." - Household debt could reach £100000 - Personal finance and ...


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