Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Video: "U.S.-backed Rwanda and the proxy war involving Coltan, the mineral in every mobile phone, laptop and iPod."

Mossad news? "Indonesian delegates signed a medical cooperation agreement with Israel's national emergency medical service Magen David Adom (MDA) and the American-Israel Joint Distribution Committee in Tel Aviv last week.

"The US$200,000 agreement involved Sudibyo Markus, deputy chairman of Muhammadiyah, which, with some 30 million members, is Indonesia's second largest Muslim organization." - Representatives from Indonesia, Israel sign medical agreement

"Dr Bilal Abdulla, the suspected terrorist arrested at the scene of the blazing car bombing of Glasgow airport, loves England, has no hatred for British people and even went so far as applying to join the British Army to further his medical career, a jury has heard.

"However, 29-year-old Dr Abdulla, standing trial accused of conspiring to cause explosions and murder in London and Glasgow in the summer of 2007, has admitted a loathing of the US government for its 'chaotic' occupation of Iraq." - Airport accused: on British

Treated like a dog, used as a punchbag: the life and death of a boy called 'Smiley'

U.S. Military Goes to Israel

The UK's Independent Television News dedicated a short segment of a Monday broadcast to briefly explaining several core tent poles of the 9/11 truth movement. - Raw Story

Fed Hides Destination Of $2 Trillion In Bailout Money

China boosts weapons ties with Venezuela, Brazil

Venezuela, Russia pledge $4 bln for joint bank

London seeks end to Scots nuclear veto

Bank of China 'is secret HBOS suitor'

Bank of China walks away from HBOS deal 'after Treasury cold shoulder'


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