Sunday, November 23, 2008

Child Sex Abuse - Groundhog Day

Kate Smith, on 11 March 2008, wrote about child-abuse scandals under the heading Groundhog Day

Kate suggests that the Jersey abuse case is not a one off isolated ‘incident’.

She suggests that the same bad things keep happening over and over again, as in the film Groundhog Day

"Imagine if the Belgian pedophile scandal was being unveiled today, alongside the Jersey case, and the Casa Pia pedophile scandal in Portugal; the Leicestershire child abuse scandal; the North Wales pedophile scandal; Operation Cleopatra in Greater Manchester; Operation Flight in Gwent; Operation Lentisk in Devon and Cornwall; Operation Care in Manchester; Ludlow in Shropshire; Islington, London; the Kerelaw scandal in Scotland; Father Hudson’s, Warwickshire….and so many, many more….

Kate quotes from The Mail newspaper:

The network is enormous and extremely powerful. There are magistrates, ambassadors, police, politicians - all have procured children...

And on another day:

"Corrupt police officers, politicians and a leading businessman are attempting to discredit the investigation into child abuse at a Jersey care home, the island’s police said today.

"States of Jersey Police said that at least one of its former officers has made threats against those co-operating with the inquiry. It was also investigating claims that victims were being threatened by former child care staff."

Kate quotes this article in the Daily Mail by Eileen Fairweather:

"When I heard the news, my eyes filled with tears. I felt heartbroken, not least at my own powerlessness. I have known for more than 15 years about Channel Islands paedophiles victimising children in the British care system..."

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