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Child Abuse ring in Haringey - Operation Tempsford

1. According to someone who grew up in Haringey (October 2007 Cached):

"Several of Haringey's councillors are paedophiles.

"Corruption is rife across every aspect.

"Across every level.

"Through all of this Haringey has over 50 brothels, crack houses and safe areas for drug purchasing.

"And many cases of child abuse within Haringey's own children's homes by it's own staff."

Baby P was tortured to death

2. The Haringey Independent, 21st May 2004, reported:

"An investigation into an alleged paedophile ring operating in Haringey more than 20 years ago has been shut down due to lack of evidence.

"Operation Tempsford, a joint investigation launched by the police and Haringey Council, examined allegations of organised child abuse in the mid 1980s focusing on two former children's homes in Muswell Hill.

"But Lib Dem social services spokesman Ron Aitken says he is dismayed the inquiry has been closed, and is calling for an independent investigation.

"He said: 'I first became aware of allegations in the late 1980s. There were a number of people working for Haringey Council who were convicted or charged with specific offences against children.'

"Cllr Aitken also wants a written report so members can decide whether or not the council has done justice to the seriousness of the issue. 'We need to know whether there was a paedophile ring operating in the mid-1980s. If this has been addressed, how did the authorities address it and what were the results?,' he added."

3. More on Operation Tempsford (Cached) from the Liberal Democrat party

17 January 2006

"Operation Tempsford ... was brought to an abrupt halt last autumn on the orders of Haringey’s Chief Executive David Warwick, after he applied what the Councillor describes as 'undue pressure' in a letter to Mr Aitken...

"Mr Warwick parted company with Haringey with a hefty £1 million severance package soon afterwards, because communications between him and senior Haringey politicians had allegedly 'broken down'.

"He moved immediately to a top job advising Deputy Prime Minister Prescott on the 'delivery of excellence in local government'. Now Haringey councillors are calling for Operation Tempsford to be re-opened, and demanding an explanation for its closure."

4. Haringey Labour Councillors (List councillors by political party)

Haringey is made up of : Hornsey, Wood Green and Tottenham.

Places in Haringey:

Local government wards: Alexandra, Bounds Green, Crouch End, Fortis Green, Highgate, Hornsey, Muswell Hill, Noel Park, Stroud Green, Woodside, Bruce Grove, Harringay, Northumberland Park, St Ann's, Seven Sisters, Tottenham Green, Tottenham Hale, West Green and White Hart Lane.


Archway, Arsenal, Bounds Green, Bowes Park, Bruce Grove, Crouch Hill, Finsbury Park, Harringay, Harringay Green Lanes, Highgate, Hornsey, Manor House, Northumberland Park, Seven Sisters, Stamford Hill, South Tottenham, Tottenham Hale, Turnpike Lane, Upper Holloway, White Hart Lane, and Wood Green.


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A bit of unrelated trivia here. The PC who died during the Broadwater Farm riot was a home beat officer in Muswell Hill.

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