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Child Abuse, Iran-Contra, BCCI, Bush, Dutroux, Franklin

Joël van der Reijden, at ISGP, 29 July 2008, shows us the connections between Iran-Contra, BCCI and the Dutroux Affair which involved child abuse and child murder.

(Belgian “Nebuleuse” tied to child abuse networks, Iran Contra and BCCI.)

Some of the points made:

1. The Belgian police's ATLAS Dossier concerns a case opened in 1994.

Reportedly, according to the ATLAS document, the following were involved in illegally shipping weapons to Iran and Central America:

a) Andre COOLS- Assassinated former Belgian minister

b) Abraham SHAVIT - Personal friend of Israeli minister BEGIN (It is known that Andre Cools stayed at Shavit's when he went to ISRAEL)

c) Guy MATHOT- Former Belgian minister

d) Paul VANDENBOEYNANTS- Former Belgian minister and prime minister

e) Fernand BEAURIR- Former Gendarmerie commandant of Belgium

f) Roger BOAS (ASCO company) - SHAVIT was the right hand of Roger BOAS

DUTROUX was at the centre of an international child abuse, child torture and child murder ring that was linked to top people.

2. "The Belgians that were involved in Iran Contra have been accused of child abuse (Boas, Mathot, Vanden Boeynants and Beaurir)..."

3. "North and his employer, vice president and later president George Bush, were uncomfortably close to the Franklin child abuse affair in the United States.

"Both were mentioned by witnesses as having attended the parties of alleged child abuser, Satanist, Contra supporter, money launderer and drug dealer Lawrence E. 'Larry' King. [17]

"Another Contra supporter and alleged child abuser, Robert Keith Gray, was also close to Bush, North and King." [18]

4. "Iran-Contra, which is what the ATLAS document largely comes down to, is just one of many scandals tied to the same international network of conspirators, consisting of :

anti-communist military and intelligence men,

pro-Zionist neoconservatives,

arms dealers,

mafia organizations etc."

5. "Examples of scandals tied to this network are the collapse of the Nugan Hand Bank in 1980, the October Surprise in 1981, Iran Contra in 1986, the collapse of the Franklin Credit Union in 1988, the Craig Spence affair in 1989, Iraqgate in 1990, and the BCCI scandal in 1991.

"It was during the BCCI scandal that senior executives of the bank actually gave a name to this network. They referred to it as the 'black network'."

6. Jack R. Payton, editor of the St. Petersburg Times, in October 1992, wrote:

"Consider, for a moment, what it might mean to have an organization around that could pull off the following:

Manipulate the Central Intelligence Agency and the spy agencies of Britain, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, China, Syria, Israel and who knows how many others all at the same time...;

Help Pakistan buy nuclear technology on the international black market...;

Launder drug money for the Medellin cocaine cartel in Colombia;

Bankroll Abu Nidal, the most notorious terrorist in the world;

Handle Manuel Noriega's finances in Panama;

Procure prostitutes, some of them children, for traveling Middle Eastern potentates;

Rig international commodity markets so that a few insiders could make hundreds of millions of dollars in a single day..."

Belgian "Nebuleuse" tied to child abuse networks, Iran Contra and BCCI.

Muriel Degauque and Charleroi


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