Saturday, November 22, 2008

Child abuse in children's homes including Haut de la Garenne, Jersey.

Award winning film director Bill Maloney believes his sister was murdered as a result of his investigation into child abuse in children's homes including Haut de la Garenne, Jersey.


brian clare said...

what do u know of operation rose and the operation ore and operation middleton link said...

hi friend could u possibly include sumthink on colin joseph smart a former director of sunderland social services who out of all police investigation was issued with a high court injuction to stop him disclosing the 47 files of imformation on all phedophiles in all areas he worked and including haringay and middlesboro.this man also worked on the victora colubia case and was second in line of social services direcors in the united kindom.↲ i myself as u know have campained for well over 25 years to bring these phedo social workers and mps etc to justice and colin josphe smart is a major key (a good man who also infltrated a masionick abuse ring runing out of civic centre sunderland.↲ this injuction was served during the thatcher govement of which the files he had wear raided by northvmbria police they wear after information he had on the porterhouse sect esp dereck laude and dolphin spuare.↲In these files was informathon on a phedophile party on the night of the genral ekection victory .↲One promant politiction was found with young boxs in a sex orgie and was sent abroad basicaly banished from the tory party.↲Also in files was imfo on the tory tresurer at the time.↲During the wrexham inquary waterhouse was told of this and proptly informed new scotland yard and police raided colins propity without search warent there was involvment by chris mullen mp who later joined the parlamentry select comity on abuse in childrens homes. He denied having knowlage of witherwack house during operation rose this is bull as i have a letter stating he was looking into further evedence of satanic abuse involving children from childrens homes in sunderland also a video involving high profile council leaders and police comand from northumbria.the sunderland echo wear runing storys of witherwack (johnson press) with the full backing of the editor at the thme .later a new editor took over and he was threatened by council that all council involvment with echo ie sponcership avatisments would be taken away.also i was involved with acal asifciation of child abuse lawyers i put my views years before they set up and was invited to the chairwomans house lee moore what i am saying is acal is a set up .↲Could i also say chris mullen is a 3rd digree mason and was head of the noland comite into free masions.↲I have followed ur site of with greatly admire and respect and u know of email is we need to coraspond in sum way.↲COLIN SMART IS A MAJOR PART IN ALL OF THIS.↲Also we must see what we can find on a notioriovs convicted abuser shamus whelan also former director of sunderland ss john robert marsdon who is now chief egg north yorkshire county council.a cover up mershant.↲The following homes wear full of infultration of phedo ring witherwack house emsworth house working boys.thornhill park.the espanard.avenue viven all homes whelan worked in also i belive he was a major gromer to recrute young children from homes to be given to councelers in sunderland council.↲A lot of the children wear tranferd to liverpool (operation care)operation cleopatra/operation ore/also could please put up stuff on husband ie medomsley detention centre.↲I want to pass everythink i have on to you but how?↲I also have evedence of nspcc cover up during operation rose and newcastle councelers involvment in SHIELDFIELD NURSERY ABUSE OF WHICH U SHOULD LO

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