Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Britain's Fritzl

Photo of Sheffield by: Mick Knapton

In the UK, a white man kept his two daughters as sex slaves, from 1980 to 2008.

He made the two daughters pregnant 19 times and the daughters have seven surviving children.

('British Fritzl' who had NINE babies by his two sex slave daughters.)

1. In 1988 , at the school attended by the two daughters, it was clear that the two daughters had suspicious injuries. There were burn marks on one girl's face.

Reportedly, the deputy headteacher contacted the police. (Police 'failed to act' on rapist father relatives' fears )

Reportedly, the school blamed the injuries on bullying. ('British Fritzl' who had NINE babies by his two sex slave ... )

The father moved the family to another area.

2. Ten years ago, in 1998, the two daughters phoned Childline.

(Childline is a charity, with a highly paid boss, that is supposed to help children. Three-in-five pleas to Childline were left unanswered.)

Over the phone, the two daughters asked for reassurance that they could keep their children.

They were not given a guarantee, by Childline, that they would keep the children and they ended the phone call.

3. In 1997, Police investigated after being contacted by the brother of the two daughters.

The police decided to take no action and the rapes continued.

The man was not arrested until 2008.

The relatives said they contacted the police when the youngest daughter, who was about five years old at the time, was taken to hospital with a broken leg.

Allegedly she had been thrown down the stairs by her father.

Relatives say that they told police of the abuse after the first child was born to one of the daughters.

Relatives say the police failed to act on this information.

The father’s sister-in-law said: “The police could have stopped it. They let those girls down. Our family has gone to the police a number of times over the years.” (How two girls were trapped by shame, fear...)

4. The sisters and their children had many medical appointments.

But, reportedly, medical staff failed to act, in any effective way, on their suspicions.

5. Social Services were involved with the family, beginning in 1976.


Eight in 10 seriously harmed children 'missed' by agencies


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