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East Timor false flag operations

American and other false flag operations

Terrorists reportedly working for the CIA

The Bali Bombing

Bali Bomb C4 explosives

Bali Bomb crater

Bali Bomb - CIA promotion of Moslem groups

Bali Bomb - Hambali and other reported friends of the CIA

Bali Bomb - double agents

Bali Bomb - Megawati; al Faruq, allegedly a CIA agent, escapes

Bali Bomb - disappearance of the double agents

Bali Bomb - part of a fascist agenda

Bali Bomb - Australian fascism

Bali Bomb - Australian fascism (2)

The Times of London, 2 March 2008, interviewed the alleged Bali bomber Samudra:

What happened at Paddy’s Bar and the Sari Club was “unacceptable”, he (Samudra) said.

Had he made the bomb? “No, no, no!” he said, shaking his head.

“I didn’t help to make it, and who made the bomb and when I don’t know.”

The second explosion was much bigger than they had expected, he said.

The only explanation, he suggested, was that “the CIA or KGB or Mossad”

The 2002 Bali Bomb attack involved three 'bombs' or 'devices':

1. A small device exploded outside the US consulate in Denpasar, causing only minor damage. The purpose of this device may have been to make the public think that the USA was the target.

2. A relatively small device exploded in Paddy's Pub in the night club area of Kuta. Customers of the pub ran out into the streets.

3. A very large device exploded outside the Sari Club, which is opposite Paddy's Pub. This explosion left a deep crater and killed many people.

It is believed by many that the main explosion was the work of the security services of one country or another.

It is believed that Samudra and the other 'Bali Bombers' were simple minded patsies.

According to a news story in the Sydney Morning Herald, 2 November 2002, the Indonesian security services may have handled the Bali bomb.

"Some time around the 30 October 2002, senior officers in the Indonesian military HQ gave a piece of information to a military attache from a Western embassy in Indonesia -the source of explosive used in the October 12 bombing in Bali was the head of the counter-terrorism unit with the army's special forces."

The father-in-law of the officer concerned is Hendropriyono, Indonesia's spy chief.

Allegedly, Kuwaiti citizen Omar Al-Faruq played a part in the Bali bomb plot.

Al-Faruq was arrested in Bogor on June 5, 2002 and handed over to the US authorities.

Former Indonesian State Intelligence Coordinating Board (BAKIN) chief A.C. Manulang was quoted by Tempo as saying that Al-Faruq is a CIA-recruited agent.

A Pentagon official in Washington has confirmed that al-Faruq escaped from a U.S. detention facility in Bagram, Afghanistan, on 10 July 2005.

The airline manifest of Garuda airlines shows that at least two generals from Jakarta visited Bali three days before the bombings and that they returned to Jakarta one day before the Sari Club was blown up. This was confirmed by armed forces chief General Sutarto, who claimed that General Djaja Suparman was on vacation, while General Ryamizard Riyacudu, chief of staff, was said to have gone to Bali for health reasons.

General Suparman is allegedly one of the generals behind certain 'Moslem' militias. He reportedly set up militias to counter student demonstrations in 1998. One of these militias, Pram Swarkasa, allegedly became Laskar Jihad.

Bomb explosions in Indonesia have have often been linked to the military. A bomb at the Attorney General's office in Jakarta in July 2000 went off one hour after Tommy Suharto had been interrogated by the police. The bombs were reportedly traced back to the army and a former member of Suharto's guard.

A spate of explosions in the capital Jakarta in 2000 included a huge car-bomb blast in the underground parking lot of the Jakarta Stock Exchange. Two members of Kopassus (army special forces) were convicted and jailed for that act of terrorism.

It was reported in the Jakarta Post that convicted Bali bomber Ali Imron had been seen, in 2004, having a Starbucks coffee in a plush Jakarta shopping mall in the company of top police official Brigadier General Gorries Mere. Imron apparently also visited the Hard Rock Cafe.

After Amrozi had been arrested for his part in the Bali Bomb, National Police chief General Da'i Bachtiar had a face to face meeting with him. Bachtiar laughed, shook hands and posed for photographs with Amrozi.

Most of the top Indonesian generals have been trained in the USA.

Wahid on SBS Dateline: Bali Bombing 2002

This video is from SBS Dateline, an Austrailian news show,in which former president of Indonesia,Abdurrahman Wahid, points to the involvement of the Indonesian Military Intelligence and Police in the 2002 Bali bombing.

The Transcript of this program has been removed from the archives of the SBS, Australia's Special Broadcasting Services.


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