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"Thousands of British Tamils will descend upon a major festival in London today despite accusations that it is a fundraising initiative for the Tamil Tigers." - Heroes' Day – or a terrorist fundraiser?

London Flaunts Role as World Terrorism Headquarters; Hosts Tamil Tigers..

aangirfan: Tamil Tigers and drugs, the Kurds and drugs, bin ...

Jacqui Smith's favourite policeman, Robert Quick, the head of the Met's anti-terrorist, unit, ordered raid on Tory MP's home

Microsoft Corporation Censors 9/11 Dissent

Ron Paul Warns Of Secret Plans To Create International Central Bank

"Officials say a relative of Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has been arrested in connection with an $8 million graft case at the country's central bank.

"Aulia Tantowi Pohan used to be a deputy at Bank Indonesia. He has been accused of illegally transferring money to protect some of his former colleagues who were implicated in a bailout scandal during the 1990s Asian financial crisis." - Graft scandal hits family of Indonesia's president

Riots kill 'hundreds' in Nigeria

Is the Lloyds-TSB merger the best option for HBOS? (
Yes - 13.9%
No - 86.1%

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The American lived in a small house, watching over his crops, until the terrorism got too much.

Photo by Ernest Mettendorf.

The American lived in a small house, watching over his crops, until the terrorism got too much.

So the American moved in with his son in town.

Two days later a terrorist attack flattened the American's house.

Three weeks after that, another terrorist attack killed him as he was trying to drive his animals to safety.

"He was hit directly in the head," says his nephew. "It was so difficult to see his face. When we got the body back from the hospital, we tried not to let his wife see it."

Since the beginning of last month, terrorist attacks have killed six American civilians, including two children, and wounded 60 others, including 21 children.

Most of the United Staes of America has been occupied by a foreign power.

Thursday May 25, 2006 'How can people live, I wonder?' The Guardian

Mousa al-Sawarka lived in a small ramshackle house, watching over his camels and crops on the edge of Beit Lahia in the north of the Gaza strip, until the rain of Israeli artillery shells got too much.

So the 68-year-old Bedouin farmer moved in with his son in town.

Two days later a shell flattened Mousa's house.

Three weeks after that, another shell killed him as he was trying to drive his camels away from artillery fire.

"He was hit directly in the head," says his nephew, Fares al-Sawarka. "We couldn't rescue him because of the shelling. It was 10 minutes before we could get to him. It was so difficult to see his face. When we got the body back from the hospital, we tried not to let his wife see it."

Since the beginning of last month, Israel has fired more than 5,100 shells into the Gaza strip from artillery just the other side of the border and from ships off the coast...

The artillery fire has killed six Palestinian civilians, including two children, eight-year-old Hadeel Ghaen and 15-year-old Mamdouh Obaid, and wounded 60 others, including 21 children.

Most of the land of Palestine has been ocupied by the 'terrorist rogue state' of Israel.

The next part is from

For 2,000 years there was no conflict.

The land of Palestine was inhabited by Palestinian Arabs. In 1850 these consisted of approximately 400,000 Muslims, 75,000 Christians, and 25,000 Jews. For centuries these groups had lived in harmony: 80 percent Muslim, 15 percent Christian, 5 percent Jewish.

But then in the late 1800s a group in Europe decided to colonize this land. Known as "Zionists," this group consisted of an extremist minority of the world Jewish population. They wanted to create a Jewish homeland, and at first considered locations in Africa and South America, before finally settling on Palestine for their colony.


According to Dr Robert Beckford, a committed pentecostal Christian and a reader in theology at Birmingham University, the archaeological evidence suggests that the kingdoms of David and Solomon did NOT dominate the 10th century BC, as the Bible claims.



Damien Green

In the UK, Damian Green, a leading opposition Member of Parliament, was taken from his home in Kent to a Central London police station, where he was interrogated for nine hours by the police.

He was "arrested without warning on trumped-up conspiracy charges and thrown into jail.

"His home, constituency and parliamentary offices are simultaneously raided by 20 anti-terrorist officers."

The police confiscated Damian Green's bank statements and forced him to submit to DNA and fingerprint sampling.

The Daily Mail, in the UK, 29 November 2008, has the headline: Police state Britain: MPs want protection after arrest of Tory for telling truths Labour didn't want you to know

And, RICHARD LITTLEJOHN, in the Daily Mail, tells us: Green's arrest is a monstrous abuse of power

Jacqui Smith

Littlejohn refers to the following people who are linked to Green's arrest:

1. 'Jackboot Jacqui', the Labour government minister in charge of home affairs.

2. The police chief Paul Stephenson. "Stephenson should ... spend the rest of his career ... directing traffic."

Michael Martin, Gorbals Mick

3. The Speaker of the House of Commons, known as Gorbals Mick, let the police search Green's office at the Commons, declare it a 'crime scene', and confiscate his files, mobile phone and laptop.

"Gorbals Mick is probably too thick to understand the historical duty of the Speaker to protect the independence of Parliament and its members... Gorbals should pay with his job."

4. The Labour government - "the same bunch of sadistic gangsters which hounded scientist Dr David Kelly to his death, for telling the truth about Iraq's non-existent nuclear weapons."

According to Littlejohn:

"This monstrous, abominable abuse of power shouldn't just bring down ministers, or police chiefs.

"It should bring down this callous, rotten government."

Labour was in power when the London Bombings took place.

Oswald Mosley, the fascist friend of Hitler, was a Labour Government Minister. Oswald Mosley

Diana died, while Labour was in power.

A vote for Labour is a vote for fascism.

Never ever vote Labour.

Labour is bankrupting Britain.

"Including PFI projects, unfunded public sector pension liabilities, Network Rail debt and the nationalisation of Bradford and Bingley, "real" Government debt is currently £1,854 billion.

"That would make it three times higher than official figures suggest, and around £75,984 for every household.

"However, adding up to £500 billion from the banking bail-out takes levels to £2,354 billion, or £96,475 for each household." - Household debt could reach £100000 - Personal finance and ...



Jersey bones had been cut

According to the BBC, in May 2008:

"Bone fragments found in the cellar of a former Jersey children's home had been cut, suggesting a homicide or an unexplained death, police say.

"They said they had 70 suspects in their inquiry into claims, made by 116 people, of abuse at Haut de la Garenne between the early 1960s and 1986.

"Seven milk teeth and 30 bone fragments have been found, some showing evidence of having been cremated in a fireplace." - (Jersey bones 'may suggest murder')

Police on Jersey, in the UK, investigating possible child murders, found more than 250 bone fragments buried at Jersey Steel after workmen unearthed human remains during the summer of 2008.

Bones at site came to 250

Scenes of crime officers unearthed at least a further 250 bone fragments and 28 teeth — more than the number found at Haut de la Garenne.

It has been claimed that these bones were very old.

Warcup is in charge of the 'cover-up of child torture and murder'?

In the USA, in the Franklin case, there was a cover-up of top people's involvement in child abuse and murder. (The torture of American children, by the US military.)

In Belgium, in the Dutroux case, there was a cover-up of top people's involvement in child abuse and murder. (THE ZANDVOORT NETWORK, JERSEY, DUTROUX, PORTUGAL... )

In Wales and Northern Ireland there have been cover-ups of top people's involvement in child abuse. (Child abuse in the UK: Jersey, Kincora, North Wales.)

In Portugal, there was a cover-up of top-people's involvement in child abuse and murder. (Casa Pia)

In most of these cases, there have been allegations of POLICE involvement in the child abuse.

There have been allegations of links between child abuse and the security services (Child abuse, fascist networks and Bilderberg.)

And sometimes witnesses in child abuse cases die in mysterious cicumstances. (The possible 'murder' of Dianne Maloney, who took a sailing trip with the sea cadets to Jersey'sHaut de la Garenne.)

Now there appears to be a massive and sickening police cover-up in the case of child abuse and murder in Jersey, in the UK.

(Police announce NO murders took place at Jersey 'House of Hoorors'. /Jersey abuse case: police rule out murder at Haut de la Garenne)

Reportedly the police are now claiming that there were no dungeons at the children's home in Jersey, called Haute de la Garenne.

On 11 November 2008, a police source told the Daily Mail about the Jersey case:

'There were no bodies, no shackles, no dungeons - nothing. Nobody was killed at Haute de la Garenne.'

According to The Mail:

"The extradordinary disclosures, which will prompt claims of a cover-up, come eight months after Mr Harper claimed to have found the remains of a child's skull at the home...

"The officers now in charge will also reveal that there was not a single shred of evidence to back Mr Harper's repeated allegations that children had been murdered. 'We don't know why Mr Harper even started digging at the home,' said the source. 'There is no evidence to suggest anything happened here. None of it stands up.'"


Detective Superintendent Michael Gradwell claims:

The "secret underground chambers" were just holes in the floor, "not dungeons or cellars".

Around 200 witnesses have spoken of torture and deaths at the children's home in Jersey.

The Daily Express (Cached) reported in March 2008:

"As the first picture of a 'punishment room' under Haut de la Garenne in Jersey was released today, a creepy message written on a wooden post against a wall said: 'I’ve been bad for years and years.'...

"The chambers have been described by victims as punishment rooms where they were physically and sexually assaulted and kept in solitary confinement....

"Many of the 160 victims who have come forward recalled being put in the bath with up to 25 other children in freezing water while the attackers watched."

Should you believe the police or the alleged victims of child abuse?

Reportedly the UK police are as corrupt as any in the Third World.

(The shameful truth about police corruption / Lockerbie evidence was faked / aangirfan: CCTV - de Menezes - more police 'lies'?)

Lenny Harper outside the children's home Haut de la Garenne.

The Belfast Telegraph, 13 November 2008, has a story entitled Jersey probe: Lenny Harper hits back

Lenny Harper was the police officer who suggested that children may have been murdered in a children's home in Jersey in the UK.

David Warcup is the police officer who took over from Harper and who claims that no children were murdered.

The Belfast Telegraph reports Warcup’s claims at a recent press conference and Harper’s response.

Warcup: After being examined by experts from the British Museum, a fragment thought to have been from a skull turned out to be a piece of Victorian coconut shell.

Harper: They spoke about the original find “probably being a piece of coconut or wood.”

The truth is that the item has never been positively identified and the source they quoted was only one of a number of varying opinions.

Furthermore, it has never been explained just how collagen, which is only found in mammals, was found in it.

Warcup: “Shackles” found in rubble turned out to be “a rusty piece of metal”, and there was no evidence to suggest it had been used for anything suspicious.

Harper: They described the shackles as “just rusty pieces of metal.” Of course they are rusty pieces of metal — they have been in the ground for over 30 years.

Furthermore, they ignore the fact that it was not only us who described them as shackles, which one pair obviously are.

Builders who found them in 2003 and left them where they were, tipped off the media that we would find shackles.

Warcup: The “secret underground chambers” were just holes in the floor, “not dungeons or cellars”.

Harper: They said that the cellars are “not cellars or dungeons, but are merely floor voids.”

Surprisingly, I never used the word dungeons.

They are not floor voids.

What we call the cellars (and what the victims call the cellars) are in fact what used to be the ground floor.

What is certain is that victims described them accurately and the abuse that went on in there.

Warcup: Most of the 170 pieces of bone found in the search came from animals. Three were human and two of these dated from between 1470-1670 and 1650-1950 respectively.

Harper: “The bones could be hundreds of years old.”

Well this is certainly not new.

When detailing the results of carbon dating, I made it clear that the dates ranged from 1650 to 1950.

The expert in the UK who had examined the first bones we sent (which included a piece of child's tibia) said that they were very likely the bones of a juvenile human, they had been burnt shortly after death and buried shortly after burning.

In his view they were no more than a few decades old.

1. Lenny Harper, the police officer who was leading the inquiry into alleged abuse at a former children's home in Jersey stepped down from his post.

"Deputy Chief Officer Lenny Harper has headed the investigation since child skull fragments were found...

"Jersey Police said Mr Harper, 56, would retire ... whatever the progress of the Haut de la Garenne probe." -Jersey home officer to step down

2. Northumbria Police deputy chief constable David Warcup took over from Harper.

3. Northumbria Police do not have the best of reputations!

"Seventeen police employees are suspended on full pay for allegations including assault, burglary, deception and being drunk and disorderly...

"Figures obtained by the Chronicle under the Freedom of Information Act revealed Northumbria Police has 12 police officers, a special constable, a community support officer and a civilian member of staff currently suspended on full pay.

"These include two sergeants accused of assault and PCs accused of dishonesty, attempted burglary and inappropriate behaviour.

"One PC has been suspended for 25 months - on a salary of £29,029 and in total these suspensions alone have so far cost the force £215,635.

"The figure is much higher than neighbouring Durham Constabulary where just one officer and one support staff member are suspended on full pay...

"Deputy Chief Constable David Warcup, who takes the final decision on suspending officers, defended his approach." - Cached

4. Northumbria Police

Operation Rose saw more than 200 people investigated but in the end only six convicted.

"The £5m inquiry led to 558 claims of assault, rape and other sexual abuse from 277 residents or former residents of 61 care homes.

"The methods used by Northumbria police have been referred to the Commons home affairs committee, which is studying the handling of hundreds of similar child abuse allegations in care homes.

"The scale of the north-east inquiry has emerged with the lifting of a legal gag. The two years of reporting restrictions on the trials of 32 north-east care workers and teachers linked to 142 allegations of child abuse, ended on Tuesday with the collapse of the final case in Newcastle crown court." - Cached

Sarah Payne's painting. Were masons involved?

5. "OPERATION Rose was one of the country's biggest investigations into historic sexual and physical child abuse.

"The inquiry was launched in August 1997 when a woman in her 20s disclosed to a social worker that she and a friend had been both sexually and physically abused as children while living in a children's home in the Northumbria Police area.

"After a meeting between police and social services, an investigation was launched, centring on council-run care homes in the North-East and stemming from initial allegations in Newcastle and Northumberland.

"Officers manning a confidential telephone line for people who were in care between the mid-1960s and mid-1980s received 23 calls in the first 24 hours, from people complaining of sexual and physical assault.

"Initial inquiries revealed six victims alleging abuse by eight suspects who had worked in homes across the region going back to the 1960s.

"As the inquiry continued, the number of alleged victims escalated.

"In 1998, the inquiry was broadened to include renewed allegations concerning carers working at Witherwack House, Sunderland, which had been subject to an earlier investigation in 1992.
Over the full three-year life of the police investigation, almost 200 care workers were the subject of allegations and 32 were charged.

"In total, 260 residents and former residents of 61 children's homes came forward to make allegations of physical and sexual assault.

"Six people were eventually found guilty of a variety of charges, of which five were jailed." - How Operation Rose began

6. "How many masons I wonder were involved in the child abuse cases at Witherwack Estate, Sunderland. Why were masons at the Sunderland Civic Centre trying to hush the whole thing up?" - Cached

"The forms of punishment employed by the staff at Witherwack House included restraint techniques... I often heard screams of other residents being abused. Indeed I witnessed a rape of a girl who was eight or nine at the time - I tried to intervene but I was beaten senseless for my trouble - it was the best kicking of my life." - Cached


From the "News Of The World " (July 2008) ( secret police report into the Jersey House ...)

Jersey home dossier to reveal children were murdered...then burnt.

Exclusive by Lucy Panton

A SHOCK secret police report into the Jersey House of Hell children's home reveals youngsters there WERE murdered then BURNED in a furnace to COVER UP the atrocities.

It's feared island authorities may try to hush up the dossier on Haut de la Garenne orphanage but a source told us: "Officers on this case are in NO DOUBT what went on."

Exclusive: Secret Police Dossier Reveals Horror of Jersey Hell Home.

All the Kiddie Killers Left were Burnt Bones and Teeth.

Innocent children WERE raped, murdered and their bodies then BURNT in a FURNACE at the Jersey House of Horrors, says a top-secret police report into the scandal.

News of the World investigation reveals cops have shocking new evidence of how the killings were COVERED UP at the Haut de la Garenne care home.

Our chilling revelations come as officers prepare to hand over their damning dossier from Britain's biggest ever child abuse probe to the island's States of Jersey authorities.

A total of 65 teeth and around 100 charred fragments of bones are all that remain of victims detectives believe were abused and killed before their tortured corpses were thrown into a fiery grave inside the house of hell.

But records of children who stayed at the home over past decades have been destroyed so police have an impossible task of putting names to their grim finds.

A source close to the four-month investigation told us: "There's NO doubt in the minds of the detectives on this case that children WERE murdered in the home.

"Officers believe they have compelling evidence that youngsters' bodies were burnt in the home's furnace then the remains swept into the soil floor in the cellars—the area that became dubbed ‘the torture rooms'.


"The problem has been identifying the children that went missing over the years. No records were kept of who came and left that place.

"Kids were shipped to the home from all over the UK and were never heard of again.
"All the inquiry team have to go on is this grim collection of teeth and bone fragments and no names to match up to the remains.

"Because this investigation has seen so many twists and turns people seem to find it hard to accept that children WERE slaughtered and their deaths WERE covered up."

Most of the dental remains discovered have been identified as children's milk teeth. And we can reveal that among more than 100 bone fragments is a TIBIA from a child's leg and what police believe is an "intact" ADENOID bone from the ear of an infant.

These were all retrieved from a fingertip search of the four cellars in the Home's EAST WING.

Forensic teams also found STRANDS OF NYLON which they have concluded came from the head of a broom.

And, because those type of nylon brooms were only used in the late 1960s and early 1970s, the discovery helped officers to put a date on when the bones were swept into the soil floor.

Cops are now convinced that those charred bones and teeth were emptied from the bottom of the home's industrial furnace—located away in the West Wing—when it was ripped out around that time to install oil-fired central heating.

Officers have spoken to builders who worked on renovations at the home but have been unable to discover what happened to the furnace after that. But they have taken samples from the chimney breast which was left behind.

Around that same time wooden floorboards were laid OVER the old soil floor in the east wing.

And it is there, within the hidden torture chambers just inches below, that the bones, a pair of shackles and children's clothing were found.

Also in the underground rooms police discovered a large concrete bath with traces of blood. A builder has also given evidence that he was asked to dig two lime pits in the ground nearby around that period. Lime pits have often been used to destroy corpses.

So far 97 people have come forward to complain they were abused as children at Haut de la Garenne. Many have described being drugged, shackled, raped, flogged and held in a dark cellar for long periods.

Much of the clothing found at the scene is thought to date back to the 1960s and 1970s when youngsters had to make their own clothes and shoes in the care home work shop.

Cops now believe that whoever was responsible for removing the furnace KNEW that there were children's remains inside. And they think it was moved while disgraced headmaster Colin Tilbrook was in charge of the place.

Tilbrook, now dead, has been described by former charges as being behind "some of the most horrific abuse" at the home.

We can reveal that cops now plan to quiz one of his closest aides who is still alive and living in the UK.

Tilbrook, who ran the home in the 1960s, died aged 62 in 1988 after suffering a heart attack in a public swimming pool. His foster daughter Tina Blee, 38, recently made an emotional visit to Haut de la Garenne to meet abuse victims and bravely told how SHE was raped by the monster every week as a child, after he took her in following his departure from Jersey.

She said: "I needed to come here to say sorry for what he's done. If children were killed here I'm convinced he played a big part in it.

"He was more than capable of murder."

This week police began a forensic examination inside a nearby World War II German bunker which victims say was used as a base for abusing children.

Six witnesses say they were sexually assaulted by staff at the squat brick building which houses a network of underground rooms and passages.

As that work starts, police have closed the doors on their detailed forensic hunt inside the hell home.

Lack of records still hampers police. But we can reveal that one mainland authority, Birmingham City Council, has presented the Jersey force with a list of children who were sent to the home but went missing.

Although four have now been tracked down, after a mammoth search one still remains unaccounted for.

Earlier this year we also uncovered allegations that pictures of BABIES being raped were taken in the care home and circulated by an international child porn ring.


Experts suspect the home was responsible for many of the seedy network's 9,000 sick pictures, discovered in an infamous haul in Holland in the Nineties.

It was dubbed the Zandvoort stash, after the town where it was found—but the source studio was never uncovered.

Police said their latest intensive probe at Haut de la Garenne has produced more than 40 suspects.

Three men have already been charged with sex abuse offences as part of the inquiry. But now, despite the wealth of shocking detail uncovered by officers, there are fears the full truth about the House of Hell could be covered up yet again after the investigation boss, Jersey's tough No2 top cop Lenny Harper, retires next month.

Haut de la Garenne's abused former residents have repeatedly claimed that what happened was deliberately hushed up to avoid tarnishing Jersey's reputation as a family-friendly tourist haven and to give politicians in London no excuse to try to exercise more control over the island.

Although Jersey is part of the British Isles and under the Queen's rule, it has a separate government system and makes its own laws.

Jersey's 53-member parliament has no political parties and its politicians, judges, policemen and business leaders come from a small elite—often linked by friendship or family.

In a separate case recently investigators were frustrated by the island's legal authorities who refused to charge a couple accused of beating their foster children with cricket bats. Despite being told by lawyers and an honorary police officer who reviewed the case that there was sufficient evidence to go ahead, the charges were blocked at the 11th hour.

A police source said: "The argument for not charging this couple was that their natural children have said they're of good character.

"The detailed statements of all the people who claim they were physically assaulted seem to count for nothing."

The Haut de la Garenne file, along with several others, is now complete but is "being held up" by lawyers.

Our inside source added: "There's a strong suspicion that the files are being held on to until Lenny Harper goes and a new team is in place.

"No one will be surprised if the truth about what happened in the care home never surfaces and once more the evidence gets swept under the carpet."

aangirfan: Jersey child abuse; Northumbria Police; Operation Rose

aangirfan: Jersey, Dutroux and cover-ups

aangirfan: Jersey; top people; a cover-up?

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The biggest bust since Lolo Ferrari

Photo of Lolo by Karel leermans

UK prime minister Gordon Brown may be planning to hold a general election, before the UK, thanks to his policies, risks going even more bust.

Back in 2006, Alex Yawar, at Ohmy News, wrote about Britain's Bubble Economy (Pop! Britain's Bubble Economy.)

Here are some of the points made:

1. Officially, UK inflation has been relatively low, but in most key areas of the economy, inflation has actually been very high.

House prices, for example, rose 11.4 % each year for a period of ten years up until 2005.

Transport and energy costs also shot up.

2. The U.K. economy relies on consumer spending, which accounts for two-thirds of the nation's GDP.

But the average family does not have enough money to pay for fancy holidays and clothes and cars and so on.

So people borrow and borrow and borrow.

Lolo: Cosmos page (TransAtlanticFilms)

3. The UK population, in 2006, owed £1 trillion in household debt.

14 % are indebted to the tune of £10,000 or higher.

This debt is more than the total annual GDP of the U.K.

And this figure does not take into account the gargantuan pile of mortgage-related debt - £967 billion.

Including mortgage payments,
the average British household has £83,722 of debt.

4. Any move towards a realistic interest rate level will result in economic meltdown.

UK prime minister Brown wants to borrow more and spend more. Britain's personal debt is increasing by £1 million every four minutes. The average UK consumer owes over twice as much as the average western European owes. Vote for Brown if you like a really big BUST. (conservative.)

5. many of the UK's economic fundamentals - and the foundations for future growth - are rather shaky.

6. We could be heading for the biggest bust since that of Lolo Ferrari.

Under the influence of her husband, Ferrari had 25 cosmetic surgery operations to alter her face and enlarge her breasts with silicone.

Like Ms Ferrari, 'we have flooded our system with plastic in the quest for growth.

'The result is likely to be similarly artificial'.

The UK (yellow line) has the most household debt (Indebted Britain Coffee House)


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Denis Matyjaszek (see below)

Thailand, CIA, Anupong, Sirikit, Crime

Britain's Fritzl

Leslie Hutchinson

Venezuela: "The CIA plans to destabilize the country after the November 23 elections"

Iceland Riots Precursor To U.S. Civil Unrest?

US planning to deploy more troops near Pakistan border

"If she'd get out of the way we could see what's happening."

"A gushingly pro-war article headlined The Five Myths Muslims Must Deny was... published in the Observer by the MP Khalid Mahmood...

"Just a few days later, however, it was revealed that the Observer article had not in fact been written by Mahmood, but by the then Foreign Office minister... Denis MacShane" (who reportedly is of Jewish origin). - Supping with the devil

Denis McShane was originally Denis Matyjaszek.

Working hard on the blog

Sovereign wealth funds switch from Western investments

3,000 dead from cholera in Zimbabwe

Evidence Suggests Brit Liquid Bomb Plot was Directed by UK/Paki/US Intel

The Break Up of the USA into Six Parts

Fastest ever waiting times delivered by SNP

Citizens Committee for Restructured Government

Pretty Girls Save The World Blog


Aangirfan blog - 50,000 page views per month


Britain's Fritzl

Photo of Sheffield by: Mick Knapton

In the UK, a white man kept his two daughters as sex slaves, from 1980 to 2008.

He made the two daughters pregnant 19 times and the daughters have seven surviving children.

('British Fritzl' who had NINE babies by his two sex slave daughters.)

1. In 1988 , at the school attended by the two daughters, it was clear that the two daughters had suspicious injuries. There were burn marks on one girl's face.

Reportedly, the deputy headteacher contacted the police. (Police 'failed to act' on rapist father relatives' fears )

Reportedly, the school blamed the injuries on bullying. ('British Fritzl' who had NINE babies by his two sex slave ... )

The father moved the family to another area.

2. Ten years ago, in 1998, the two daughters phoned Childline.

(Childline is a charity, with a highly paid boss, that is supposed to help children. Three-in-five pleas to Childline were left unanswered.)

Over the phone, the two daughters asked for reassurance that they could keep their children.

They were not given a guarantee, by Childline, that they would keep the children and they ended the phone call.

3. In 1997, Police investigated after being contacted by the brother of the two daughters.

The police decided to take no action and the rapes continued.

The man was not arrested until 2008.

The relatives said they contacted the police when the youngest daughter, who was about five years old at the time, was taken to hospital with a broken leg.

Allegedly she had been thrown down the stairs by her father.

Relatives say that they told police of the abuse after the first child was born to one of the daughters.

Relatives say the police failed to act on this information.

The father’s sister-in-law said: “The police could have stopped it. They let those girls down. Our family has gone to the police a number of times over the years.” (How two girls were trapped by shame, fear...)

4. The sisters and their children had many medical appointments.

But, reportedly, medical staff failed to act, in any effective way, on their suspicions.

5. Social Services were involved with the family, beginning in 1976.


Eight in 10 seriously harmed children 'missed' by agencies


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Leslie Hutchinson

Leslie Hutchinson, born on the spice island of Grenada in 1900, was one of the biggest cabaret stars in the world. (Leslie Hutchinson - Hutch)

And he was a bisexual gigolo.

The 'sensationally well-endowed' Hutch had sexual relationships with Cole Porter, Ivor Novello, and the actress Tallulah Bankhead and royalty.

The Mountbattens

Hutch had an affair with the 'bisexual' Edwina Mountbatten, wife of Lord Mountbatten. (Leslie Hutchinson - Wikipedia)

Reportedly, on one occasion, Lord Mountbatten entered Quaglino's restaurant and told the bandleader: 'I am lonely and sad and drunk. That nigg** Hutch has a pen** like a tree-trunk, and he's fuc**** my wife right now.' (Daily Mail (15th November 2008) )

Reportedly, Mountbatten took an interest in teenage boys. (The Mountbattens and Nehru)

Reportedly, Edwina commissioned Cartier to design a diamond-encrusted penis sheath for Hutch. (Daily Mail (15th November 2008) )

Hutch was 14 when he first visited a brothel, with his father. (Daily Mail (15th November 2008) )

Hutch's father played the organ in the local church. (Leslie Hutchinson)

Having moved to Harlem, Hutch made a name for himself in the world of jazz, and married Ella Byrd, a black Anglo-Chinese girl.

Eventually Hutch had seven children, produced by a variety of different women. One of the children is the singer Chris Hutchinson. (Daily Mail (15th November 2008) )

Cole Porter

When Hutch came to Paris in 1924, he became the gay lover of the composer Cole Porter, who wrote a hit song based on Hutch:

"I should like you all to know

"I'm a famous gigolo..."

The Prince of Wales (Edward VIII) (see also The Duke and Duchess of Windsor)

When Hutch came to England he soon became a favourite singer of the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VIII), who was allegedly gay.

Reportedly, Hutch may have had a relationship with Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent and with Princess Margaret. (Daily Mail (15th November 2008) )

Hutch came to own a Rolls-Royce and a large house in Hampstead.

But he died in relative poverty.

Princess Marina (See also The British Royal Family and the Nazis)


The Break Up of the USA into Six Parts

How it might look in the future?

On 24 November 2008, Professor Igor Panarin, in an interview with Izvestia, said that the USA is heading for collapse, and will break up. (Russian analyst predicts decline and breakup of U.S. )

Panarin, 60, is a professor at the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and has written books on information warfare.

Professor Igor Panarin said:

A. "The dollar is not secured by anything.

"The country's foreign debt has grown like an avalanche, even though in the early 1980s there was no debt.

"By 1998, when I first made my prediction, it had exceeded $2 trillion.

"Now it is more than 11 trillion.

B. "This is a pyramid that can only collapse...

"It is already collapsing.

"Due to the financial crisis, three of the largest and oldest five banks on Wall Street have already ceased to exist, and two are barely surviving.

"Their losses are the biggest in history.

"Now what we will see is a change in the regulatory system on a global financial scale: America will no longer be the world's financial regulator."

When asked who would replace the U.S. in regulating world markets, he said:

"Two countries could assume this role: China, with its vast reserves, and Russia, which could play the role of a regulator in Eurasia."

C. Asked why he expected the U.S. to break up into separate parts, he said:

"A whole range of reasons.

"Firstly, the financial problems in the U.S. will get worse.

"Millions of citizens there have lost their savings.

"Prices and unemployment are on the rise.

"General Motors and Ford are on the verge of collapse, and this means that whole cities will be left without work.

"Governors are already insistently demanding money from the federal center.

"Dissatisfaction is growing, and at the moment it is only being held back by the elections and the hope that Obama can work miracles.

"But by spring, it will be clear that there are no miracles."

He also mentioned the "vulnerable political setup",

"lack of unified national laws",

and "divisions among the elite, which have become clear in these crisis conditions."

Map from: American Civil War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

D. He predicted that the U.S. will break up into six parts

1. the Pacific coast, with its growing Chinese population;

2. the South, with its Hispanics;

3. Texas, where independence movements are on the rise;

4. the Atlantic coast, with its distinct and separate mentality;

5. five of the poorer central states with their large Native American populations;

6. and the northern states, where the influence from Canada is strong.

E. On the fate of the U.S. dollar, he said:

"In 2006 a secret agreement was reached between Canada, Mexico and the U.S. on a common Amero currency as a new monetary unit.

"This could signal preparations to replace the dollar.

"The one-hundred dollar bills that have flooded the world could be simply frozen. Under the pretext, let's say, that terrorists are forging them and they need to be checked."


Oil Prices and Politicians

Oil is tending to go up in price and this helps oil rich countries.

CRUDE OIL PRICE (Historical Crude Oil Prices Table)

1946 - $1.63

1950 - $2.77

1960 - $2.91

1970 - $3.39

1980 - $37.42

1990 - $23.19

2000 - $27.39

2005 - $50.04

Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair were kept afloat by Scottish oil wealth.

Now Gordon Brown is being kept afloat partly by Scottish oil wealth.

In a good year, the London government receives £32bn a year revenue from North Sea oil. (Scotsman)

1. Oil revenues have virtually doubled in the period 2007/08 to 2008/09 and are more than forecasted in the previous Budget (SNP response to Pre Budget Report)

2. However, the London government is cutting the money it is giving to Scotland. (SNP response to Pre Budget Report)

3. The London government is going to benefit from Scottish oil for some years to come.

"With just 35 billion barrels recovered to date we are still at the half way point... Given the premium placed on energy resources, there may be two-thirds of the revenues still remaining in the North Sea, with an additional £800 billion pounds to come from Scottish waters in today's money."

Oil 'would make independent Scotland rich' - Times Online


Monday, November 24, 2008


Kassar, who may have been a CIA asset, and whose name is linked to Lockerbie.

On 20 November 2008, Monzer Al Kassar, following a three-week jury trial in Manhattan federal court, was found guilty of:

conspiracy to murder U.S. nationals, conspiracy to murder U.S. officers and employees, conspiracy to acquire and export anti-aircraft missiles, conspiracy to provide material support and resources to the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC), a designated foreign terrorist organization, and money laundering. (International Arms Dealer and Cohort Convicted on Terrorism Offenses)

Reportedly, since the early 1970s, Al Kassar was a source of weapons and military equipment for groups engaged in violent conflicts around the world.

Some of those groups included the Palestinian Liberation Front (PLF).

Reportedly, Al Kassar developed an international network of criminal associates, as well as front companies and bank accounts in various countries, including the United Kingdom, Spain, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania.

Photo of Kassar

Monzer al-Kassar, born in Syria in 1945, is known as the "Prince of Marbella."

Kassar is married to a sister of Ali Issa Dubah, a former chief of Syrian intelligence, and a close associate of Rifat Assad, the brother of Syria's former President Hafez Assad.

Kassar is said to have been a CIA asset, involved with Colonel Oliver North and General Richard Secord. ('Confession of an Iranian Terror Czar')

Reportedly, Rifat Assad, 'the Syrian boss of the Lebanese heroin industry', and Monzer al-Kassar took over Lebanon's Bekaa Valley in 1975 with the help of the Syrian Army.

Allegedly, heroin was transported from the Bekaa Valley to the USA on PanAm flights with the help of Kassar and elements of the CIA. (If Not Megrahi Then Who Is Really Responsible (from The Herald ))

Kassar has been linked to the Lockerbie Bombing.

On board Pan Am 103, on 21 December 1988, were Major Charles McKee, of the the US Defence Intelligence Agency in Beirut, and Matthew Gannon, CIA Deputy Station Chief in Beirut.

McKie and his team had reportedly discovered evidence that a 'rogue' CIA unit called COREA, was involved in the drugs business with Monzar Al-Kassar. (Part XIX(D): AN IRAN-CONTRA/AL QAEDA READER, cont'd)

Reportedly Al-Kassar 'was part of the secret network run by US Lt. Colonel Oliver North.'

Outraged that COREA was doing business with a Syrian 'who made money from drugs, arms and terrorism', the McKee team reportedly 'decided to fly to CIA HQ in Virginia to expose COREA'.

They flew on Pan Am flight 103 which came down over Lockerbie.

It has been alleged that Kassar has received regular CIA money deposited to his credit at the Katherein Bank, Vienna (A/c No. 50307495) and at the Swiss Bank Corporation in Geneva (A/c No. 510230C-86). ('Confession of an Iranian Terror Czar')

Kassar is said to be a very major arms and drugs smuggler.

In 1987, investigations into the Iran-Contra scandal found that al-Kassar had been paid 1.5 million pounds by someone in the U.S. government to sell arms to Nicaraguan Contras. (Monzer al-Kassar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

In 1992, al-Kassar made arms sales in the millions of dollars to Croatia, Bosnia and Somalia, violating United Nations arms embargoes to all three countries.

According to the US Drugs Enforcement Agency, Al-Kassar imports 20 % of the heroin that comes to the United States. (FTR-109 Monzer Al-Kassar & Co)

In 1992, the Spanish government arrested Kassar for his alleged involvement in the Achille Lauro hijacking. In 1995, and he was found not guilty on all charges.

In July 2006, the government of Iraq placed Kassar at number 26 on their "most wanted" list, calling him one of the main suppliers for the Iraqi insurgents.

On 8 June 2007, the DEA (US Drug Enforcement Administration) announced the arrest in Spain of Monzer al Kassar. This was said to be linked to arms sales to rebels in Colombia.

Kassar was arrested just days before the Libyan convicted of the Lockerbie bombing was granted a second extraordinary appeal and 'just days after Blair went to Tripoli to negotiate a deal that would save him the embarrassment of a fresh appeal.' ('Confession of an Iranian Terror Czar')


Aviation Terrorism and Security - Google Books Result


Bill and Dianne Maloney

Reportedly, award winning film director Bill Maloney was killed on the streets of New York, in November 2008.

He has made a film about child abuse on Jersey, in the UK.

His 'vocal critisism of the Establishment' may have cost him his life?

YouTube - Director and Camera Woman shot dead in NY. Billy & Lilly ...

HOWEVER, Bill Maloney has appeared in a video made in 2009.

Dianne Maloney

Dianne Maloney, 49, from London, may have been murdered, because of her connections to Jersey child abuse.

Her brother, Bill Maloney, 52, presented evidence to an inquest that Dianne was murdered, as a result of his investigation into child abuse in children's homes.

Speaking to the 'Southwark News' (FAMILY INSISTS MYSTERY DEATH WAS MURDER) Bill Maloney, said: "There seems to be things that happened to my sister that they (the police) are not aware of. I was looking for an adjournment and I am now looking for an investigation by the police, because they have not come to me or come to my family."

Eight members of the Maloney family, who lived at Astbury Road in Peckham, were all placed in care as youngsters.

Bill Maloney said that Dianne had suffered long periods of sexual abuse while in homes.

Bill suffered physical abuse in care homes.

Recently Bill made a documentary called 'Sun, Sea and Satan' about the Haut de la Garenne children's home in Jersey where children's bones have been discovered in the grounds.

Dianne as a youngster took a sailing trip with the Sea Cadets to the Jersey care home.

Bill said: "I believe there is a conspiracy against me following the making of this film. Dianne had sorted herself out and was good but she was drinking again when her case (against two councils which was also looking into the treatment of children in care homes) was dropped, and the people who dropped the case knew this would happen.

"She was killed sometime between June 6 and June 12, on the 6th she attended King's College Hospital, where she complained she was punched in the chest, and there was blood around her mouth as well, but this was not followed up. My sister also had a habit of keeping thousands of pounds in her flat, which has never been recovered."

He added: "One of the last things she said to me was that she had a letter from the House of Commons she wanted to show me but I never got to see that. The next thing I heard was when I came back from work and my wife Maria greeted me along with my daughter Regan, and they told me that Dianne had died, so I could not understand why."

The following comes from: Pie 'n' Mash Films Rehearsals on YouTube - Pie 'n' Mash Films blog

"When Pie ‘n’ Mash Films returned from the Island of Jersey with their documentary film concerning child abuse allegations at Haut de la Garenne they named their edited footage ‘Sun, Sea & Satan’. Award winning film director Bill Maloney began to piece together the story that he had shot. Slowly the maverick director started to understand the horrors that had taken place went beyond the reporting of the case by the national media.

"His conjecture of Satanism, murder, sex abuse, sacrificing children and the paedophilic involvement of the hierarchy i.e. royalty, MI5 and the police state in the UK as well as Jersey, caused him to inform everyone involved with Pie ‘n’ Mash Films to be alert for the safety of themselves and their families.

"Eight weeks after Bill’s return from the Island he had instructed his company to send the final edit ‘Sun, Sea & Satan’ to Channel 4 and the BBC. Two weeks after releasing the film Bill’s 49 year old sister Dyana, who was brought up in care, and had spent time in the late 60’s and early 70’s at the children’s home Haut de la Garenne, where she was sent on paedophilic sailing holidays, was found dead in her apartment, just off the Walworth Road, South East London. Cause of death could not be determined..."


Final Battle

Thai protesters surround parliament for 'final battle'

aangirfan: How the CIA may be stirring things up in Thailand.

What Obama means to Bangkok

GM's Volt - an electric shocker

Obama Will Keep Bush's Tax Cuts

Lyndon Johnson Was First to Align U.S. Policy With Israels Policies -

Chavez leads Venezuela vote, opposition makes few gains

Pakistan denies tacit deal with US

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German Intelligence Agents Caught Staging False Flag Terror

DEA complicit in drug trade, says Morales

All US Financials Will be Nationalized in a Year: Manager

Rashid Rauf works for MI6?

Redrawn map suggests US intends to break up Pakistan...


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