Sunday, October 26, 2008

Washington Post warns of false flag operation?

Osama's friend? Obama's friend?

On 25 October 2008, we read in The Washington Post that the US Military Prepares for Threats During Presidential Transition

Senior military officials and national security experts claim major threats before and after the elections include:

1. An al-Qaida strike on the United States that would originate from Pakistan's tribal areas

2. Terrorist attack involving nuclear, biological or chemical weapons.

"With the election, the economic issues and what is going on in Pakistan and Afghanistan, all this converging at once, it makes a pretty enticing target for al-Qaida to consider disrupting U.S. national security interests in the short term," said John Rollins, a terrorism expert at the Congressional Research Service.

A. In 1993, the first World Trade Center bombing took place just after President Bill Clinton's inauguration;

B. In 2001, the 9 11 attacks, took place within the first eight months of the Bush administration.

C. In 2004, the Madrid train bombings came just before elections in Spain.

D. In 2007, the Glasgow airport attack and discovery of the London car-bomb plot in 2007 came just after Gordon Brown became UK prime minister.

According to Rollins, the aims of such an attack could include swaying the election, testing a new administration and demonstrating a continued ability to attack U.S. interests at will.

Obama might need a false flag CIA-organised terror event in order to launch the new Cold War.

What is the USA to do about Russia, China and India?

The New Cold War may be fought in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran, which are in the neighbourhood of Russia, China and India.

Michel Chossudovsky, at Global Research, 29 August 2008, wrote about Obama-Biden and The "New Cold War" (The Democrats endorse the "Global War on Terrorism".)

According to Professor Chossudovsky:

"The Obama-Biden campaign is committed to reinforcing the US-NATO military presence on the Iran-Afghan border, as well as on Afghanistan's border with China's Xinjiang Uigur autonomous region as well as within Pakistan.

1. "Afghanistan is a strategic hub in Central Asia bordering on Iran, the former Soviet Union, China and Pakistan.

2. "It is a land bridge and potential oil and gas pipeline corridor which links the Caspian sea basin to the Arabian sea.

3. "It is also part of the continued process of militarization and encirclement of the People's Republic of China.

"The Obama-Biden campaign has ... endorsed the "New Cold War".

"Russia is explicitly identified in Obama's speech as an Aggressor.

"Iran is identified as nuclear threat, despite ample evidence to the contrary.

"Joe Biden, who if elected, would take over from Dick Cheney, considers Russia, China and India as the main threat to America's National Security."

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