Wednesday, October 22, 2008


The CIA want Obama to invade Pakistan? "Mr Biden cited the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan which he described as 'crawling with al-Qaeda' as being of particular concern." - Al-Qaeda supporters back McCain

Professor Robert Black points out that Megrahi's appeal could be continued, even after Megrahi's death, if it were to occur. - Transfer of rights of appeal

Lockerbie bomber could be released early

Arab Websites report Mossad chief assassinated in Amman.

Do five simple things a day to stay sane.


The UK is a more unequal society than three-quarters of OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development ) countries.

In the UK, the richest 10% earn nine times more than the poorest 10%.

Over the last 30 years there has been a very rapid increase in inequality.

Pensioner and child poverty have both increased since 2005. - UK is still unequal

Russia, Iran and Qatar form gas cartel - which will control 60% of world's gas supplies

Children from broken homes are five times more likely to suffer mental troubles, says study

Truancy soars to record level as 18,000 primary school pupils skip classes EACH day

100,000 British children hospitalised after being poisoned by drugs

One cousin, Amschel, hanged himself in a Paris hotel... Then another cousin, Raphael de Rothschild ...died in Manhattan from a heroin overdose. So why did the black sheep of the Rothschilds stab his friend in the back?

Plotting and poison in a billionaire's playground

BBC's 'double standards' after keeping quiet on Mandelson's link to oligarch until now

Cameron's fundraiser Andrew Feldman: The other Tory on Deripaska's yacht


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