Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Map from: commons.wikimedia.Canada_election 2006.

Canadians re-elect Conservatives

"The Japanese yen, undervalued by 27%, could be considered a snip. The dollar still buys a lot of burger in the rest of Asia too. The Singapore dollar is undervalued by 18% and the South Korean won by 12%. The currencies of less well-off Asian countries, such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, look even cheaper. China’s currency is among the most undervalued, though a bit less so than a year ago." - Sandwiched

Dubai: Not-so-hot property

"The model for independence all comes down to oil and the Norwegian example. So far that country... is bearing up relatively well." - Where now for Scotland’s banks ... and government?


Ireland is still a success story - and Scotland could be too.

Canada's general election: Have the decency to panic

US standing in Caspian drips away

"Impunity has allowed the US to remove a democratically elected government in Haiti and to invade Iraq. It allows banks to steal and be rewarded with public funds. Impunity is what makes the biggest crimes pay." - Blame the criminal gangs in power

Palm oil clearing swathes of forest in Indonesia's Papua: Greenpeace

'American' arrested in Pakistan


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