Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Suitcases of cash

Photo of Gaydamak by Deror avi

Who sold weapons to Angola, at a time when there was an international arms embargo? Who received suitcases of cash, property on the Riviera, armoured cars and trips to Las Vegas?

Arkady Gaydamak, an Israeli-Russian whose son owns Portsmouth football club and who is trying to become Jerusalem's mayor, Jacques Attali, an adviser to President Nicolas Sarkozy, Jean-Christophe Mitterrand, the eldest son of Fran├žois Mitterrand, Pierre Falcone, an Algerian-born French businessman and Charles Pasqua, a former French interior minister are among 42 people accused of selling weapons worth $791m (£455m) to Angola, at a time when there was an international arms embargo. - French elite in $791m arms case


Sarkozy, de Villepin, secret bank accounts, Frank Wisner Jr, Negroponte, MI6



Reykjavik battles to save economy

Threatened land mammals are concentrated in south and south-east Asia. There, a staggering 79% of monkeys and apes face extinction. "Often, there is habitat loss from deforestation." - Quarter of land mammals and a third of those at sea are at risk of extinction.

"The US Congress has passed the US-India nuclear agreement and the $100 billion Indian nuclear market will now be open to American business." - Editorial: Pakistan, India and the nuclear deal

Bolivia: Fascism Seizes Power - Morales Complains

John Prescott, giving a two-fingered salute to SNP members


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