Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Dankner buys more Credit Suisse after shares plunge -Stocks skyrocket minutes later, making Dankner $300 million

Barclays is being sued in a New York court over claims it moved loss-making investments from its own accounts to those held by outside investors - Barclays faces investment lawsuit

Indonesia's billionaire Chief Welfare Minister Aburizal Bakrie, whose companies are already being held responsible for the biggest man-made environmental disaster in Indonesian history, is now in trouble for playing a major role in wrecking the country's stock market. - Asia Sentinel - The Bakrie Group and Economic Meltdown in Indonesia

China, Pakistan ink 11 agreements, no information on N-deal

Pakistan gets help from China for ailing economy

Mottaki Reiterates Iran-Algeria Strategic Ties

Venezuela looks to establish 6-hour workday

UNASUR Praises Bolivia Progress

Legal victory in Lockerbie appeal

Watchdog says HBOS has enough cash to stand alone

HBOS takeover: Still time to save 'The Bank'


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