Friday, October 10, 2008


Pakistan's "reserves may be only $3 billion - enough to buy about 30 days of imports like oil and food... High oil prices have combined with endemic corruption and mismanagement to inflict huge damage on the economy." - Pakistan facing bankruptcy

Pakistan to Send Delegation to US as It Seeks $10 Billion

Iceland is all but officially bankrupt

GM and Ford fight for survival

"We may soon see global giants such as AT&T, Ford, General Motors go under...

"We know from what happened in Europe in the 1930s that systemic financial crisis can lead rapidly to the growth of political extremism.

"We may be about to discover just how dangerous it was to allow all those CCTV cameras to be put up on every street corner; to arm the police and turn them into a kind of civil army; to extend detention without trial." What happens when the money runs out?

Indonesia keeps stock exchanged closed

Venezuela: Economy to grow 6 percent in 2008

Argentina Not Crying For US

Banks Hoarding Cash to Pay Derivatives Liabilities

The myth of the 'Jewish people'

Israeli Bestseller Breaks National Taboo

The Wolf at the Door

Iran 'forces down plane carrying US military officals'

Iran Fighters Force US Plane Down

Greenpeace Indonesia Tour Spotlights Deforestation

In Bolivia with Cuban Method: Literacy Campaign Advances .

New Jersey revelations alleging abuse in Howard League report

Moscow calls for anti-US alliance

Russian president Dmitry Medvedev calls for Europe to freeze out US


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