Monday, October 27, 2008

Overcoming Media Terrorism

"Power and Lies" - the truth comes rather late.

The mainstream media tends to tell lies about those countries which have valuable oil and gas reserves which the US and its allies want to control.

Think of countries such as Venezuela, Bolivia, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Russia and even Canada and Scotland.

Reportedly, the US government would like to exercise a large degree of control over Canada.

In the case of Scotland, the mainstream media tells us that Scotland cannot survive if it becomes independent.

We are told that the SNP (Scottish National Party) is linked to Moslem terrorists; and is incapable of saving the banks.

Viva Chavez

Venezuela has an answer to the problem of the corrupt, CIA-controlled media.

On 25 October 2008, at, we read that Venezuela Launches a Campaign to Overcome “Media Terrorism”.

Venezuela's Communication and Information Minister is Andrés Izarra.

Izarra has introduced a campaign to tell Venezuelans about the achievements of Venezuela's "Bolivarian Revolution" and counter what Izarra called the "media terrorism" waged by the corporate-controlled media against the administration of President Hugo Chávez.


"We are launching an effort to break through the media siege, and to bring to light the true Venezuela, where good-hearted people are people working to improve the health, culture, and welfare of all Venezuelans, for a Venezuela of faith and hope," Izarra declared.

The project, named Venezuela de Verdad (True Venezuela), will be an "avalanche" of information meant to prepare Venezuelans to see through the "constant media manipulation and dirty propaganda" by opposition groups, said Izarra.

The campaign will include a widely-distributed, short book that documents the government's social programs, promotion of "oil sovereignty," and other achievements over the past decade since Chávez was elected.

As an example of false opposition claims, Izarra pointed out the advertisements funded by opposition groups that say the government plans to seize private property of Venezuelan citizens, issue food rationing cards across the country, and that the Cuban doctors who work in government-funded free community health clinics are actually spies.

Regarding private property, the minister said the government has helped the poor and middle classes to obtain, for the first time ever, their own homes and small and medium-sized businesses, and he pointed out that the government has paid indemnity for all property it has nationalized from transnational companies, in accordance with the national constitution.


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