Monday, October 13, 2008


"A neocon scumbag, Harper has been consistently pro-war, pro-Bush and pro-Israel." - Political Scum

"ML: Do you think there is a group called al-Qaida doing this?
CM: No. When I was in the Army, there was something called "opposing forces." We abbreviated that to Op4." - Paleoanarchist

"The straw that broke the camel’s back was when I proved that John Demanjuk was not the infamous Ivan the Terrible of the Treblinka death camp in Poland. The government was stunned and in shock. The real Ivan was nine years older, taller, and had black hair and a scar on his neck; his name was Ivan Marchenko." - Progressive Nihilism

"Nuclear-armed Pakistan is bleeding foreign reserves at an alarming rate leading to fears that it could default on its loans. There are mounting fears that Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Argentina could all now slide into a downward spiral towards bankruptcy, while western banks exposed to property bubble across Eastern Europe have seen their share price crushed." - Financial crisis: Countries at risk of bankruptcy from Pakistan to Baltics

Financial Plan World Reports * US Bankrupt

Ha'Aretz tries to dismiss report of Lehman Brothers' transfer of billions to Israel as "anti-Semitic conspiracy theory

Who is Henry Paulson?

Barclays faces Paris money laundering trial

Iran allays Indian fears on pipeline plan

Venezuela's Chavez Says CIA Has Offices in State of Zulia


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