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Obama went to a very posh school in Jakarta - / Barack Obama & The Muslim Problem

Obama went to School in Indonesia.

In Jakarta Obama attended the Catholic School Fransiskus Assisis.

Obama's Catholic School in Jakarta.

Menteng is probably the poshest part of Jakarta and that is where you will find Obama's second school.

State Elementary School Menteng 01 takes the children of the top people.

Among its students have been the children of Bambang Trihatmodjo, the son of former president Soeharto, as well as the grandchildren of former vice presidents Hamzah Haz and Tri Soetrisno.

[1] (State Elementary School Menteng 01 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Suharto video

"Public School 01, as it is officially called, has a pleasant atmosphere with its red tile roof and green stucco walls. It is clearly well maintained and up-scale and I was told by locals it was one of the more desirable public schools in the city. I can tell you for sure it is not a 'madrassa,' or religious school, as the unhinged hosts who rant on conservative talk radio persistently maintain." - ON VISITING THE SCHOOL THAT BARACK OBAMA ATTENDED IN INDONESIA

"He used to take food from the vendors without paying. But, at the end of the week, his parents would come and pay for it." (Impish Obama couldn't sit still, says school pal.)

West Papua has valuable minerals

Did Obama send U.S. Congressman Eni Faleomavaega to Jakarta, Indonesia on his behalf in June 2007? - Did Obama send Congressional Representative to Indonesia on his ...

Oklahoma home of child abuse.

Oklahoma Rising? Children dying

Mainstream media silence on death of Diane Maloney...

Diane Maloney

"Lebanon's Al-Manar TV station reported on Monday that Saudi Arabia was the country that provided the intelligence to Mossad, suggesting that Saudi Secretary General of the National Security Council Prince Bandar bin Sultan played a role in the cooperation between the intelligence agencies." - Arab country 'cooperates with Mossad'

aangirfan: Diana, Prince Bandar and unreliable sources

Syria suspicious of Saudi silence

Prince Bandar and Bush


Al Jazeera English - Unrest in the Sahara - Shifting sands - NIGER.

Bolivia Jacks up Anti-drug Fight

Washington imposes sanctions on Bolivia

Turkey hopes to finish Cyprus water pipeline by 2009

Philippine government renews its communal war in Mindanao

UK parties follow where SNP leads

New SNP MP vows to fight child poverty


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