Friday, October 17, 2008

Nuclear weapons to be based in Barrow?

Map showing nuclear bases from:

Trident nuclear missile

At present there are nuclear missiles right next to Glasgow, on the Clyde, in Scotland.

Her Majesty's Naval Base Clyde is the home of the United Kingdom's Trident-armed nuclear submarine force.

It is possible that the UK Defence Secretary, John Hutton, could move the nuclear missile base from Scotland to his own constituency of Barrow and Furness, in the North West of England.

All of Britain's Vanguard class submarines, which carry the Trident nuclear deterrent, were manufactured at Barrow.

Map showing Barrow, which could get nuclear missiles

Scottish National Party Westminster Leader and Shadow Defence Minister Angus Robertson said (Trident money should be used to boost economy):

"The Scottish Trade Union Congress have already shown that far from preserving jobs in Scotland spending on Trident suppresses the Scottish economy.

"The STUC report on Trident shows that if the UK Government was not spending billions of pounds on a new generation of weapons of mass destruction we could have significant investment in other, more productive parts of our economy.

Barrow and Furness to get nuclear site?

"Trident is a costly waste of government's limited resources – particularly in the current economic climate.

"Trident is not the key to employment on the Clyde. In fact replacing Trident could cost Scotland and the Clyde 3,000 jobs.

"The churches, the STUC and a majority of the people of Scotland have voiced their opposition to Trident and any replacement. A majority of Scotland's MPs and the Scottish Parliament have voted against a Trident replacement.


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