Sunday, October 19, 2008


USA National Vote Obama 49.6% McCain 43.1%

Florida Obama 49.2 McCain 46.0
Pennsylvania 53.6 40.2
Ohio 48.9 45.7
North Carolina 47.3 46.0
Virginia 51.8 43.7
Indiana 45.0 48.8
Minnesota 51.3 42.6
Colorado 50.6 44.6
Iowa 52.8 41.0
Nevada 49.0 44.8
New Mexico 53.6 40.2
New Hampshire 52.0 41.6

Obama forces Dixieland revolution


In Austria, Haider left the Freedom Party a few years ago to found the rightist Alliance for the Future of Austria,

The Freedom Party is led by Heinz-Christian Strache.

Strache and Haider were bitter rivals and had publicly feuded.

Scandal hits IMF as French chief is probed over 'affair with Bank of England advisor's wife'

IMF chief investigated over ‘favours for mistress’

'Murder' case link of Russian who played host to Mandelson

Oleg Deripaska: Aluminium king

Storm over Mandy's freebie yacht cruise with shoe tycoon

Lord Mandelson flies high with hedge funder

AIG trail leads to London

New Royal Bank of Scotland boss hired to end culture of excess lives on plush 350-acre country estate

Salmond supports call to rethink HBOS deal

HBOS deal must be reconsidered

Realism fires first shot in this mad war
It is obscene to justify Afghanistan's carnage by citing a few rebuilt Afghan schools and roads

Coffee and chocolate for long life

Passports will be needed to buy mobile phones


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