Friday, October 17, 2008

Manipulated electrics

"Austrian far-right politician Joerg Haider, who died last weekend in a fatal car accident was seen partying at a well-known gay nightclub just before his death, according to German media reports... Haider made a quick visit to Stadtkraeme, a local club famous for its gay night scene." - Report: Austria rightist Haider seen leaving gay club just before ...

Haider "was rumoured throughout his career to be a closet homosexual..." - Haider was drinking in a gay bar before he crashed

"VW spokesman Peter Thul claimed that someone with access to Haider’s car key could have manipulated the car’s electrics." - Road-death politician in a gay bar.

The typical right-wing militarist - Frederick the Gay

Conservatives are gay?

Hitler was bisexual?

Nona: Kaiser Wilhelm II, Prince Eulenberg and Friedrich Krupp


Austria wins Security Council election

Algeria a Hub for Chinese Car Industry?

China Promises to Help Cash-Strapped Pakistan

Venezuela unfazed by financial crisis

Thousands rally for independence in Indonesia’s Papua

Illegal trade in endangered primates rampant in Indonesia


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