Saturday, November 01, 2008

Jonas Store - agent of the CIA?

Store and Rice. Foto Terje Pedersen, ANB

Sweden's Olof Palme "cooperated with officials from the CIA and U.S. Embassy on several occasions early in his career as a student leader and political activist."

Palme became Prime Minister of Sweden.

“Olof Palme’s cooperation with the Americans and the CIA was well known throughout the military intelligence service,” said Ingemar Engman, a former employee in Sweden’s secret military intelligence service IB. (CIA attempted to recruit young Olof Palme - The Local)

Jonas Store is Norway's Foreign Minister.

Is he an agent of the CIA?

1. Norway has troops in Afghanistan.

Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage has thanked Norway for "the enormous efforts" that the Norwegian military have made in Afghanistan. (Cached )

2. In 2008, A PLANE believed to be carrying CIA prisoners stopped over at a small airport in southwestern Norway, local media reported. The suspected 'rendition' flight was made from Brno in the Czech Republic to Sola airport near Stavanger. (Suspected CIA rendition flight sparks concern

3. Jonas Store has criticised Russian actions on Georgia and acted to help Georgia.

"Norway will donate 235 million kroner ($34 mln) to Georgia to help rebuild the country following its armed conflict with Russia, Norway's foreign minister said on Wednesday." (RIA Novosti - World - Norway to grant Georgia $34 mln in aid)

4. Jonas Store has joined the NATO-CIA attempt to undermine the case for Scottish independence.

A week before the crucial Glenrothes by-election, Jonas Store has disputed the Scottish National Party's claim that an independent Scotland would prosper if it followed Norway by setting up its own oil fund.

Jonas Gahr Støre, the Norwegian Foreign Minister, told a Scottish newspaper that he would be “upset” if he thought that his country was being used as a “source of division or strife in other countries”. (SNP 'humiliated' by Norway's rebuke to Salmond)


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Calitron said...

Well the Illuminati have a very strong presence in Norway, in fact a lot of the politicians & "elite" are involved in certain "secret" societies & movements so I would say this is most probably the case....

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