Saturday, October 18, 2008

Haider on the Bank Mafia

Photo from: Austria's Haider dies in accident. See also:Austria's Haider dies in accident 2.

"Austria’s extreme right-winger Jorg Haider was urged to resign as governor of Carinthia due to photos in which he is hugging several boys during a party in a night club.

"The Tageszeitung newspaper claims that Haider has sexual relations with young men younger than 18 and that he especially likes the company of young Slovaks, as in Slovakia, the age of consent is 15." - Ultra-Conservative Jorg Haider Likes Boys Too?

"He never helped his family man image by turning up at rallies and local events with an entourage of young blond men.

"Newspapers in his homeland said they were reluctant to publish “full details” of his homosexuality fearing an outburst of hate towards the gay community would overtake hatred towards foreigners.

"According to German daily Taz, many members of Vienna's gay scene claimed he regularly had sex with young men below the age of consent - 18 for homosexuals.

"As a result Taz wrote: 'These days he prefers to meet with boys from nearby Slovakia' (where the age of consent is 15)."
- Road-death politician got drunk in a gay bar.


United States 6.1%

Euro area 7.5%

Germany 7.4%

France 7.2%

English north-east 7.7%

London 7.5%

Scotland 4.7%

McCain thwarted as Joe the Plumber owes back taxes

Mr Lahde made an 870% return last year betting against the US mortgage market - Hedge fund manager thanks 'stupid' traders

Blair lied:

'It is not correct that ministers or I were aware of those allegations in respect of American troops,' said Tony Blair about the treatment of prisoners in Iraq. - PETER OBORNE: As it's confirmed Blair lied to MPs over Ecclestone, I can reveal he lied to them again

Brown's legacy: debt, debt and more debt

Jailed for just 27 months: The ex-soldier thug who killed a bus passenger after the passenger asked him to stop swearing at his girlfriend.


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