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Do you trust the CIA and the FBI?

1. CIA executive admits to multi-million dollar fraud

Kyle Foggo, "a former high-ranking CIA official has pleaded guilty to fraud charges after admitting that he steered tens of millions of dollars in lucrative US government contracts to his best friend.

"Kyle 'Dusty' Foggo, 53, who was third in charge when he resigned as executive director of the CIA in 2006, in return, accepted tens of thousands of dollars in meals, trips and "sexual companionship", along with a standing offer for a high-paying job at his friend Brendan Wilkes's firm.

"The trips included a holiday in Scotland costing more than £35,000..."

2. "Kyle 'Dusty' Foggo, the CIA’s Executive Director, former Iran-Contra operative and close confidant of both ex-CIA Director Porter Goss and convicted fraudster Brent Wilkes, the former CEO of ADCS Inc., was indicted in 2007 on charges of fraud, conspiracy and money laundering." (Cached)

Lockerbie - PanAm 103

3. "In BBC2’s recent Conspiracy Files documentary about the blowing-up of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Richard Marquise, the FBI agent who headed the US side of the investigation 20 years ago, emphatically denied that any reward money had been paid to witnesses.

"In reply to a claim by Edwin Bollier, the boss of a Swiss company said to have manufactured the timing device used in the bomb, that he had been offered money by the FBI, Marquise said: 'I can promise you we offered everyone who was involved in the case the exact same – nothing. They were never offered anything for their testimony, for their information concerning this case.'" -The Lockerbie Case: Private Eye on The Conspiracy Files: Lockerbie

4. "A source, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Stein (Jeff Stein, national security editor of the Congressional Quarterly Web site, CQ Politics) that a key witness, Tony Gauci, and his brother were paid somewhere between $3 to $4 million for providing information leading to the conviction of Megrahi.The US State Department acknowledged to Stein that rewards were paid." (Lockerbie Convicted Bomber Vanishes - OhmyNews International)

5 "A source close to the SCCRC has provided the first confirmation that Gauci received a substantial reward... $4m... The source close to the SCCRC told Scotland on Sunday: 'It is not acceptable to pay a witness...' Gauci is understood to be planning to use his newfound wealth to fund a move to Australia..." - News - Lockerbie witness 'given £2m reward'

Hoover and his close friend Tolson (Our Sister J. Edgar Hoover -

In 1993, Anthony Summers, in his book Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover, claimed that Hoover did not pursue the Mafia because they had blackmail material on him. (

Summers quotes Susan L. Rosenstiel as saying that in 1958, she was at a party at the Plaza Hotel where Hoover engaged in cross-dressing.

According to Rosentiel: "He [Hoover] was wearing a fluffy black dress, very fluffy, with flounces and lace stockings and high heels, and a black curly wig. He had makeup on and false eyelashes."
Rosentiel said she saw Hoover go into a bedroom and take off his skirt. There, "young blond boys" worked on him in bed.

6. Jim Hougan in the book 'Secret Agenda', reports ( "According to fugitive ex-CIA officer Frank Terpil, CIA-directed sexual blackmailing operations were intensive in Washington at about the time of the Watergate scandal.

"One of those operations, Terpil claims, was run by his former partner, Ed Wilson. Wilson’s base of operations for arranging trysts for the politically powerful was, Terpil says, Korean agent Ton Sun Park’s George Town Club.

"In a letter to the author, Terpil explained that ‘Historically, one of Wilson’s Agency jobs was to subvert members of both houses [of Congress] by any means necessary. . . .Certain people could be easily coerced by living out their sexual fantasies in the flesh. . . .A remembrance of these occasions [was] permanently recorded via selected cameras. . . .The technicians in charge of filming. . .[were] TSD [Technical Services Division of the CIA] The unwitting porno stars advanced in their political careers, some of [whom] may still be in office.’”


7. Members of Congress and Nihoul and Dutroux.

According to conspiracy planet: "The Dutroux arrest unraveled an international pedophile ring involving Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, the U.S., Great Britain, Japan and the United Nations and its agencies. The names found on the computer disks reached into the highest levels of politics and society in the various countries and institutions, including some of the very members of the Belgian government who had originally been implicated in the assassination of Andre Cools."

"A leading figure... in the... Dutroux pedophilia operation was Jean Michel Nihoul... He managed a string of Dutroux's properties which functioned as pedophilia clubs in various countries, including a sumptuous and secluded villa in the Caribbean at which leading U.S. political figures, governors and members of Congress could satisfy their pedophile perversions safe from media sleuths...

"He was also a leading power in Belgian right-wing political circles, a close friend of U.S. General John Singlaub and Rev. Moon of the World Anti-Communist League as well as to men in the upper echelons of the Sasakawa Foundation...

"The Dutroux-Nihoul case also sparked a revival of interest in a parallel case unearthed in the United States, as part of the late 1980s Congressional and special prosecutors probes of the Contra Supply operations. The American case involved CIA- Col. Oliver North initiated drugs-for money-for weapons operation, and also the Franklin Credit Bank of Omaha, Nebraska,run by Larry King, a powerful African-American Republican Party operator, whose savings and loan institution was used to launder funds for Oliver North's Contras. When former Nebraska state senator John De Camp undertook a probe of King's activities , he uncovered a nationwide pedophile ring, servicing some of the wealthiest and most powerful figures in the Omaha business and political elites in the Republican Party circles of George Herbert Walker Bush..."



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