Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Al Megrahi wins legal victory in Lockerbie appeal

Brown sets out his vision for a new world order

"On November 30, 1989, Alfred Herrhausen, chairman of the Deutsche Bank and member of the Bilderberger group, was assassinated by professional killers (not the Red Brigade)...

"Apparently, Herrhausen had positioned himself against the system of the Establishment, which he had clearly stated at the BILDERBERG conference of 1988 and at a meeting of the “American Chamber of Commerce”, also in 1988...

"Colonel Prouty said in the interview further that Alfred Herrhausen, John F. Kennedy, Aldo Moro, Enrico Mattei and Olof Palme had all been murdered for the same reason – because they did not accept the world being controlled..." (Cached)

Jörg Haider - killed in car / alone / at night

NSA Tapped 9/11 Hijackers' Phone Calls for 2 Years - Inside the U.S.

"He needed a quick election to beat the collapse of the Canadian economy caused by the intended collapse of the American economy." - permanent link

ALERT FEMA sources confirm coming martial law

"I see how bleak most people’s lives have become – their savings long ago wiped out, the desperate struggle to scrape together enough money to clothe and feed their children, let alone to ensure adequate medical attention.

"One night a year ago, the quiet, intelligent lady on the 3rd floor knocked on my door late at night.

"When I peered out, she broke into anguished tears, pleading for help to pay for an emergency operation to save her son, who had fallen on broken glass in the courtyard (few can afford summer camps as in Soviet times) and had a severe spinal injury.

"Such a scene would have been unthinkable in Soviet times." - The "Good Guys" Lost the Cold War: Reflections from Tashkent

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Which countries are best placed for economic recovery.

Press Award 2008

MOSSAD, CIA, RAW and terrorism in Bangladesh

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